Dumb RAM upgrade question

I currently have 2 2gb sticks of Corsair XMS3 DDR3 in my computer. I have two free memory slots on my motherboard.

I want to upgrade to 10 GB. Can I stick these two 4 gb sticks in the spare memory slots and not get any incompatibilities:

Thanks for any answers-

You’ll have 12gb(4+8).

A quick Google shows your current ram at 1600 speeds, while this new ram is 1333. As long as you run all ram at 1333 you should be fine. That raises the question of why you have 1600 ram if you’re running at 1333 though…

I don’t understand… my current 2 2 gig sticks are running at 1600? But I’m running at 1333? How do you know I’m running at 1333?

Also, the name and model on those new ram sticks are the exact same as the ones I have on my MB now… why are they slower?

Ah, I get it now. I went into BIOS and my ram is running at 1600. I bought the 8 gb 1600 version of the sticks I posted earlier.

Thanks for the help.

Does it still matter what size your individual stick are? Back in the day you couldn’t mix say 128Kb and 256Kb sticks, it would cause all kinds of problems.

Often you can mix and match these days although it can vary by motherboard so check the documentation. DDR may not work with mismatched sticks but that’d keep the data transfer rate down, not completely prevent it from working. And back in the day was a long time ago if you’re talking about 128Kb memory.

Differently sized sticks are almost always okay now. I say that because I want to leave open the possibility that some poorly designed motherboard would shit itself if you tried it.

That said, most processor/northbridge architectures these days are designed with a certain number of pipelines in mind for the RAM (typical is two, while first generation i7s had three and I *think some new chips might even have four), where chips of (assumption here) equal size should be set in groups of that number.

Thus, you might see an i5 Dell with 6GB of RAM (2x2GB, 2x1GB) to both fill out its slots and maximize memory channel usage.

Basically, all the sticks on a single channel (if that’s 2 or 3 DIMM’s, depending on your motherboard) should be identical.