Dumb Steam question - Way to have guides page open when playing a game?

I’m finding I need to use guides on Steam a lot right now for some games, but I’d like to be able to alt-tab between game and the guides but I can’t seem to find a way to do that.

Shift tab to open the overlay?

I guess I’m not sure what exactly you mean by “can’t seem to find a way to do that” since you just said how to do it, alt-tab. Now, some games don’t alt-tab well and most games in Full Screen minimize and are harder to alt-tab out of. The best way to multi-task with a game is to play in a window, especially a borderless window if possible. You can often move the mouse out of the window, review a page on a second display (or in a window behind the game), then click back into the game seamlessly.

Open your tablet’s browser to the Steam web page for the guide. Prop up next to monitor. Problem solved.

Second monitor?

Best way, if you’re using the overlay, honestly. SHIFT-TAB, find the guide, read whatever, SHIFT-TAB to close. When you SHIFT-TAB back, you’ll pop into the guide right where you left off.

^^^^This. for those without a second monitor, this is the way to go.

Necessities to sustain life:

  1. Shelter
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. Second monitor

ugly secret

I play a large percentage, an easy majority, of my gaming on a Surface Pro tablet. That includes probably 3/4 of my EU IV time. Granted a non trivial percentage is me streaming from my desktop (for better performance)

Well, see, your Surface Pro is really just a high-powered autonomous second monitor, so you’re good! :)

I had been making this a lot harder than it needed to be. But I’d also wanted to confirm there was no way to alt-tab.

I did kot know Steam could do the full game on one screen and all the toher stuff on a second monitor? That’s nice!

But…any guide is just a web page, if you have a second monitor, can’t you just open that page on it?

Eh I just use my phone.

Me “Siri, what’s the answer to the riddle in Uncharted 4 with the thing that goes into the thing and the light and stuff. You know what I mean.”

Siri “I never know what you mean, Lord Lufkin.”

I hit the Window + D keys and that brings me to my desktop. Not sure if that is universal. Using Win10.

I usually just open guides on my laptop instead of having two monitors on my desktop. Saves having to split the hardware resources and weirdness with applications that don’t behave, etc.

Gott damn it, what’s the matter with you guys?!?
Paperback strategy guides FTW!
Does everything gotta be on a freakin screen these days?

I am something of an addict of old-school printed strategy guides. hugs his EF2000 and Skyrim guides

Are you trying to make me cry?!

How’s that ctrl+f working out for ya? :)