Dumbasses vs. Stephen Hawking

Wow, this is just too funny:


It’s a story on FreeRepublic.com about how Stephen Hawking (yes, the brilliant crippled guy) spoke out against the invasion of Iraq.

The physicist spoke at an anti-war demonstration in London’s Trafalgar Square timed to coincide with the U.S. election. Protesters read out the names of thousands of Iraqis and coalition troops killed since the March 2003 invasion.

“The war was based on two lies,” said Hawking. "The first was we were in danger of weapons of mass destruction and the second was that Iraq was somehow to blame for Sept. 11.

“It has been a tragedy for all the families that have lost members. As many as 100,000 people have died, half of them women and children. If that is not a war crime, what is?”

Hawking, the best-selling author of “A Brief History Of Time,” was joined by other public figures. Similar events were being held in Spain, Italy, Australia, the United States and Iraq.

But wait, that’s obviously not the funny part. Click through to the article using the link above, scroll down, and read the comments from the site’s readers. They’re absolutely absurd and totally hilarious given the context.

My favorite is actually the first one: “Just goes to show that IQ don’t mean a thing.” You just can’t make up that kind of irony.