Duncan Jones to direct Warcraft movie

Yep, it’s apparently happening.

Moon and Source Code helmer Duncan Jones will direct the Warcraft movie for Legendary Pictures (upcoming Man of Steel & Pacific Rim), according to The Hollywood Reporter. Sam Raimi was previously attached to direct the adaptation of the Blizzard Entertainment video game property.

The “Warcraft” universe is a rich fantasy setting that revolves around the epic conflict between the opposing forces of the Horde and the Alliance. Since its debut in 1994, “Warcraft” has developed a loyal following across the globe, with several bestselling, award-winning PC games and a range of popular licensed products including novels, action figures, apparel, comic books, board games, and more. “World of Warcraft,” Blizzard Entertainment’s subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the Warcraft universe, is the most popular game of its kind in the world.

Well, that’s, um, an interesting choice. I guess I’m glad it’s not JJ Abrams.


They’re actually going to do this? Wow. I expect some terrible stuff.

I see no reason to think so. I don’t think Raimi did any actual work on it, and he’s been attached for the last few years. It’ll probably sit around another two years and then it’ll be Tyler Perry attached.

My reaction to this news is that we’ll have to wait at least another 4 years before we get anything interesting out of Duncan Jones again.

I would watch the shit out of a Tyler Perry Warcraft movie.

So the linked article describes Jones as a “thoughtful director,” and apparently one who knows the value of a dollar. I’m not seeing how this is a bad thing. It seems to me the movie can go one of two ways–either over-the-top PvP warfare or character-driven with politics and hyperviolence. If they go the latter route, say Arthas and Jaina, it would sound pretty cool to me.

Or Jaina and Thrall, a story of forbidden love.

Being a Duncan Jones movie there will of course be a Twist. In the end …


Don’t say I didn’t warn you



that’s French, right?

This feels like one of those instances where if they didn’t “attached” someone to the project, it would revert the rights back to Activision or something. I’ll be shocked if it goes further than random announcements.

Attaching Duncan Jones is a pretty significant step, particularly since they’ve supposedly got a script already. Of course, there’s still plenty of opportunity for this to fall apart, but given how the money and talent are lined up right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start hearing casting announcements in a few months.


I loved Moon, so I think it’s a potentially good move.

Also, am I the only one who didn’t realize Duncan Jones is David Bowie’s son?

Moon was good, but there is almost no chance this will be a good movie.

I’ve had a Starcraft trailer written in my head, narrated by Leonard Nimoy, with Protoss music playing in the background, for years. :)

“In the future there will be a great war. A galactic collision between three species, not over resources, political ideology, or hatred , but over the destiny of life itself. Between biological determinism, free will, and divine predestination. To the victors belong the future. And to the losers… the fire!” / panning shot of lone Protoss Zealot standing on a battlefield with burning ships and dead Protoss and Zerg in every direction. STARCRAFT: THE MOVIE.

Haha. :)

Hmm. I have less than zero interest in a Warcraft movie, but I love me some Duncan Jones. I’ll see it if it happens.

Good thing it wasn’t Peter Jackson. He’d break it into on movie for every level.

“Jackson today announced the level cap had been raised, and plans had been altered to include Warcraft Parts 71-80.”

I hope this is good and makes many hundreds of millions of dollars so that someone will let Duncan Jones make Mute.

The only son I even knew about was Zoey.

Wikipedia has the answer:

Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones (born 30 May 1971),[1] formerly known as Zowie Bowie,[2] is an English film director best known for directing the award-winning science fiction films Moon (2009) and Source Code (2011).

Hah, so it IS Zowie! (It was pronounced Zo-ee, I think.)