Dune: Imperium forum game

I’ve been playing some games against the “AI” deck, but I am looking for the real thing. Anyone up for a forum game? Bring your board and cards.

I can provide the card market, board with screen shots, you bring your human AI.

The only secret thing are the intrigue cards, I don’t have a solution for this. Just draw a card from your own intrigue deck, there could be duplicates between players, but I don’t think it’s a big issue.

3-4 player game, depending on the demand.

  1. newbrof
  2. @Brooski
  3. @Ginger_Yellow
  4. @Dave_Perkins

for reference, I am planning to use these images

slots are open until filled.

Interest in watching. Intrigue card list is here, I could hack a quick randomizer script once I have the time, or do it manually for the players until I don’t, I guess.

So there is a tabletop simulator module that I remember briefly checking into and it had looked promising. For forum and PBEM type games I usually think Vassal, and there was no Dune Imperium module that I could find there. I wish I knew just a touch more about making vassal modules because there may be good assets to harvest from the TTS module that could be used in the vassal module production.

I’m in.

I’d be up for this

TTS module works fine, no need for a VASSAL port…

For a live game over the internets I’d absolutely agree. I haven’t tried to make TTS work for any kind of PBEM style of play. Maybe I’ll go take another look. For PBF it’s easy enough to have one person with the module messaging the intrigue cards and managing the market and rest of the board state for reference. They’d have to be a referee, of course, privy to all the hidden information. It might be hard to do that and play.

If you still have a spot, me!

Watching with interest!! My family loves this game. I think I am too late for this round, but will watch and see if there is a future one.

So, I don’t have TTS (yes, I know!). How do we proceed? I selected randomly the playing order and start player (from above), it is:

  1. @brooski Strange Yellow - Rabban
  2. @Ginger_Yellow Red - Ilban Richese
  3. @Dave_Perkins Green - Thorvald
  4. @newbrof Blue - Paul

Startplayer: Player 1, brooski.

I will create the market and mix the conflict deck…

edit: colors, your’re Mr. Pink.

Ah I see. Yes, a VASSAL module would probably work better for PBF, you are right. I misunderstood the context.


Just keep a hardcopy record (i.e. the game) for now, at least of the Conflict cards and Market cards. The board position can be kept here on the forum. (I can help.) @Perky_Goth can maybe do the Intrigue card honors for us for a bit if that’s ok, since he kindly agreed.

We need to choose a house each, how do we do that?

Maybe choose in reverse player order? Or randomize. I suggest we play with the one-star difficulty leaders from each House.

The rules don’t say?

they say random or choose between players …
edit: I randomly selected houses

market, next


Wow! They actually do!


this picture was actually taken on Arrakis, that’s actually heat haze.
I think we have everything: market, conflict, houses. Each player starts with 1 VP. Anything else?

Round 1, Player 1: Rabban/@Brooski

that’s a juicy 1/10 of the game goal just lying there in the sun.

Actually, 1/9 in a 4p game!

We need our deck draws, though. That will be a bit of a problem without automation.