Dune: Imperium forum game

This reminds me of a time when I was on @tomchick’s podcast and he claimed that there was no V in my name, and we all believed him.

Private Army - Pay 2 spice to add 5 swords ### well, I’m pretty sure this ain’t it, but I’m not a DM, just a dealer. Not of spice either, cause that would be cheating

Ooh, endgame!

At work, will have to do later.

Ok here is my master plan to come in second to D_Perkins, who definitely does not have a V in that name.

I play Le Ring de Signet to go to the place that costs two water and is a conflict space that lets you draw three cards. (Sorry, still at work.) I have an alliance (Spacefreaks) so I get two troops by the ring power (invisibility), and that mysterious unnamed space has a conflict marker so they go directly into the conflict, bypassing the garrison. I pay two water and now have none water. I have zero spice. I had three coins but @newbrof went to Carthage so I now have four coins. I have 2 troops in conflict. none in garrison.

I will draw my three new cards when I get home later and post them separately.

Over to @Ginger_Yellow

I think I need to gamble to have any chance of winning, so here goes.
I use Diplomacy to go to Selective Breeding
I pay two Spice. I trash Signet Ring from my discard
I draw two cards
I gain one Bene Gesserit influence

My hand:

@Dave_Perkins has already revealed, so @newbrof is up

I wish I had anything to get 1 more influence on the BG track, but I don’t. So I will grab the 2 VP in the conflict and run away with it… later.

Just curious, if you had been able to take BG from me, would the game still have to end this round?

Nope. VPs are checked in the recall stage.

So no play from @newbrof ? About to drive home, will draw the three new cards and do my third agent at that point.

I draw my cards from above:

the world that we named the book and game after; a thing that stabs you in the back; and the guys who try to illegally get spice past customs

I will do my move if @newbrof has nothing on his turn.

Technically @newbrof should reveal if no move

I believe he is just saying that he will take his turn later.

Oh I was thinking he was saying … “later!” Like peace out, dudes.
Anyway, I have drawn my cards so I can try to think.

I thought the same at first!

Also, if y’all want to run this one back for a rematch, I’m game.

yes, sorry.

I play dune the dessert planet and move an agent to secure contracts for 3 sol.

over to @Brooski

see you later aligator

I checked your next 3 cards, they were Spice must flow, Dune and a Dagger.

Sweet. I have an Intrigue card that I thought was worthless, but actually turns out to be useful on the last play.

Play Infiltrate: “Enemy Agents don’t block your next Agent at board spaces this turn.”

Send agent to Secure Contracts and get 3 coins so I have 7 total.

Over to @Ginger_Yellow

I play Spice Hunter and visit Hardy Warriors.
I pay one water
I gain two troops which go into the conflict
I gain one influence with the Fremen

I play Arrakis Recruiter and move to Arrakeen. I draw a card and @Ginger_Yellow gets a sol. I put the 2 trops into conflict.

I play intrigue Rapid Mobilisation and move all my troops into conflict, I have 11 troops in the conflict.

over to @brooski I wanted to play that intrigue last round, but a gun thopter killed 1 troop of mine and I was short of attack points, it was only good for a tie

I reveal Imperial Spy, Diplomacy, Schpice Schmugglers, Dagger, and 2x Convincing Arguments. That’s worth 7 Persuasion, +2 for High Council seat, gives me 9. I buy The Spice Must Flow and gain 1 VP.

I play the Intrigue card CHOAM Shares which allows me to pay 7 coins to get 1 VP. I should be at 11.

My strength in the combat is 4 (for the troops) + 3 (on my cards) = 7.

Over to @Ginger_Yellow

yeah this game can turn on individual moves – I wouldn’t have been able to afford the extra VP if someone hadn’t gone to Carthag this turn.

I assume that @Dave_Perkins has Corner the Market which will be worth an additional 2VP.