Dune: Imperium forum game

I don’t think he can intrigue before combat, as he has no turns left. Also, he’s not in the conflict, so can’t use combat intrigues either.

true, ok. I don’t buy anything, I reveal a dagger and a spice hunter for 2 attack and a spice.

Combat Phase

I am at 24 Attack, Ginger_yellow is at 7 and Brooski is at 7…

Anyone can play intrigues now. If relevant…

I have no intrigue cards left, so nothing from me.

I have no alliances, my downfall this game, so I cannot play the combat intrigue card I have

Then that’s that. I get 2 VP for the conflict and you guys can take the leftovers…

So the Finale?

I have an endgame intrigue which gets me two VPs for having three or more influence with all four factions. Not that it does me any good.

I don’t have any Finale cards… I finish with 8 VP.

I have no cards to play at all.

I finish with 11VP and 3 spice, which is the tiebreaker.


I was wondering why you were happy to be able to get $3 from secure contract!

Yes, I have it. Corner the Market: If I have the most Spice Must Flow then I get one extra vp, and a second vp if I have two Spice Must Flow.

What a ridiculously close game! Any one of any number of things could have swung things entirely a different way. I guess I can’t complain after all about my final hand of cards, even though I didn’t play any of them in the final round.

My final intrigue card was To The Victor: When you win a conflict, gain 3 spice.

I appreciate all of the work you guys did in providing me with pix this game.

I totally forgot the TSMF cards… it’s totally different than playing solo. If we do this again, I suggest putting the board state, market, conflict etc in the first post, for everybody to look up. And to update the first post.

Congrats to Dave VP Perkins…!

I almost took literally no actions this final round, not even a reveal to buy a Spice Must Flow, because I was sure that @newbrof would snatch the Bene Gesserit track from me, and I had no way to prevent that. Of my final five cards, three had no agent spots associated with them. The others were like, green, and green + purple. So I figured that I’d better not try for 10vp because I’d end up losing one and finish at 11vp, so maybe I should wait a round for my good cards to show up. Eventually, I figured that 11vp and a bunch of leftover spice was probably my best shot.


Not sure the boring anti-guessing spoilers helped keep anyone honest, but I thought it could. Alas, even my activity didn’t keep me my attention too much on the goings on, but it looked fun. Although with a disturbing lack of knife-fighting.

thanks very much for the intrigues. I don’t know how to do that step without programming a script myself…

I mean, a dishonest person would just click them. :)

Just an expression, it might be easy to intuit based on length even when you’re not trying.

I was thinking to play Scythe as a forum game. I have the board game etc. Never played it. However, I need to check what hidden information there is…

Good game everyone! Thanks to @Perky_Goth for the intrigue cards, @Ginger_Yellow for the screenshots, and @newbrof for keeping track of @Dave_Perkins’s stuff. And thanks to @Dave_Perkins for, er … winning?

That’s all I contributed, except for some grief! And yes thx @Perky_Goth for doing intrigues!

Super game. Thanks for playing.

Am I correct - were very few cards bought?