Dune: Imperium forum game

I send an Arrakis Recruiter agent to Carthag, he strolls the street and finds a fool who wants to fight in the conflict for the good guys.

1 sol to @Brooski for control over Carthag

1 troop into the conflict from the recruiter, and I add 1 troop from my garrison to the conflict (10:6 in my favour currently)
I get 1 intrigue card @Perky_Goth make it a good one, please

over to @brooski

Poison Snooper - Look at the top card of your deck, draw it or trash it. ### hmmm, that’s what we have on stock, supply issues and all


Okey. I play Diplomacy to go to SEEKRITS and get an Intrigue card (@Perky_Goth thank you kindly) and +1 influence with Benny Gesserit. Anyone with 4 or more Intrigue cards gotta gimme one but I think that’s nobody except maybe @Dave_Perkins cuz pretty sure he’s gotta give me alla his cards.

Over to @Ginger_Yellow

1 card coming up

CHOAM Shares - Pay 7 Solari, gain 1 VP ### padding for spoilers. sorry, that unexciting thing was next on the randomly sorted list. some more text, because it’s still a bit short


Btw all ppl please note I now have an extra Solaris becuz @newbrof went to Carthage (as he noted). So this gives me 11 Solarians. Just making sure you all note it.

what will you do with all that money?

I play an intrigue card, Bypass Protocol:

I spend 2 spice to acquire Gun Thopter to the top of my deck
I play Diplomacy to visit Selective Breeding, paying two more spice
I trash Assassination Mission from my hand, which gives me 4 Solari
I draw 2 cards
I gain one influence with the Bene Gesserit, which gives me a VP

My hand:

Board state:

New market card please @newbrof
You’re up, @Dave_Perkins

new market card @Dave_Perkins your turn


Please post all of the market cards, if you don’t mind.



My hand (just putting it here so I don’t have to scroll up and down the thread):

Except no dagger and yes DTDP.

Can anyone recall from memory what the current combat card looks like.


this is a stupid conflict to be fighting for. No victory points! Let’s be civilized.

Thank you! Sorry about the delay, super busy day. About to be suuuuper not busy tho!

That photo looks like the cards are under a shield!

going to bed, I expect your battle report early in the morning. I love the smell of fresh spice in the morning.

Charlie don’t worm ride.

It looks like you have to take individual pictures of the cards in the market, @newbrof? I hope not, what a lot of work…

Play Shifting Allegiances to reach Arrakeen:

  • Some bloke gets a reward for a banner
  • Move down one on Emperor track and up two on BG track
  • Costs me 2 spice
  • Gain BG alliance + 1 vp for that
  • Gain intrigue card from that @Perky_Goth
  • Gain cube, No cubes to combat