Dune: Imperium forum game

I just scrolled back about 70 posts and didn’t see the current market. Maybe I missed it. Anyhow, I need to reveal!

Maybe this is the current market?

The market

Thanks! I also scrolled around trying to reconstruct my current hand, and I give up.

Can you give me a picture of my current hand?

you have 8+2 Persuation (firm grip gives you 4 for emperor alliance). Is this good enough, next round all your cards get reshuffled

Yes, good enough! I’ll buy a Spice Must Flow for 9p and gain a vp. Thanks!

I knew that…

my turn. I do nothing but creating new plans for round 9!!! I reveal a Dune Dessert Planet.

Combat Phase: Is it correct to assume, that @brooski wins? Anything else happening? @Ginger_Yellow @Dave_Perkins playing intrigue cards to the conflict?

edit, wait a minute. @Ginger_Yellow I think you have not revealed yet, so you reveal, then combat phase. Sorry for the confusion

I reveal… all the cards

I also acquire The Spice Must Flow, and gain one VP
I gain 3 Solari
My combat strength is 5

I have no cubes in the combat so I can’t play my intrigue cards.

allright then.

@brooski wins 2 VP
@Ginger_Yellow wins 3 spice and an intrigue card @Perky_Goth

Bonus Spice at the Great Flat

Round 9 after the break

conflict: Battle for the Imperial Basin


Draw your cards you spice junkies.

@brooski Start player.

Will be a few hours sry. Btw, board state should have combat strengths re-zeroed.

Oy, Ginger fella

Allied Armada - If you have a faction alliance, pay 2 spice to gain 7 swords ### gotta work those faction tracks! or not, not sure this can matter, but it’s a card

Ok, I draw a hand:

I know how to fold the space; I am good at the thing diplomats do; I am a secret agent in the service of the imperium; i have an argument that you will find convincing; and i have another argument if you don’t like that one

I play Foldspace to go to Secrets and gain +1 BG influence and as a result gain 1 VP. I trash Foldspace and draw another card, which is

the thing you put on your finger that has the seal on it

That is all. Over to @Ginger_Yellow

Oh, and for going to the Secrets space I get an Intrigue card@Perky_Goth at your convenience.

Infiltrate - Enemy agents don’t block your next agent at board spaces this turn ## anti-guess filler: ah, well, ya never know, it might still happen to be useful in the final(?) turn

And we’re up to 23 drawn; very intriguing game.

I’ll show myself out.

I possibly mistakenly have @newbrof on four intrigue cards. If so, he needs to give one to @Brooski

My hand:

I play Signet Ring to go to Sietch Tabr.
I claim one Solari for my Signet Ring power
I recruit one troop to the conflict
I claim one water

Board state, assuming I was right about the intrigue cards

@Dave_Perkins your hand, your turn


no, I am on 3 intrigue …

You’ve got to be kidding me with this card draw.