Dune: Imperium forum game

I thought the same at first!

Also, if y’all want to run this one back for a rematch, I’m game.

yes, sorry.

I play dune the dessert planet and move an agent to secure contracts for 3 sol.

over to @Brooski

see you later aligator

I checked your next 3 cards, they were Spice must flow, Dune and a Dagger.

Sweet. I have an Intrigue card that I thought was worthless, but actually turns out to be useful on the last play.

Play Infiltrate: “Enemy Agents don’t block your next Agent at board spaces this turn.”

Send agent to Secure Contracts and get 3 coins so I have 7 total.

Over to @Ginger_Yellow

I play Spice Hunter and visit Hardy Warriors.
I pay one water
I gain two troops which go into the conflict
I gain one influence with the Fremen

I play Arrakis Recruiter and move to Arrakeen. I draw a card and @Ginger_Yellow gets a sol. I put the 2 trops into conflict.

I play intrigue Rapid Mobilisation and move all my troops into conflict, I have 11 troops in the conflict.

over to @brooski I wanted to play that intrigue last round, but a gun thopter killed 1 troop of mine and I was short of attack points, it was only good for a tie

I reveal Imperial Spy, Diplomacy, Schpice Schmugglers, Dagger, and 2x Convincing Arguments. That’s worth 7 Persuasion, +2 for High Council seat, gives me 9. I buy The Spice Must Flow and gain 1 VP.

I play the Intrigue card CHOAM Shares which allows me to pay 7 coins to get 1 VP. I should be at 11.

My strength in the combat is 4 (for the troops) + 3 (on my cards) = 7.

Over to @Ginger_Yellow

yeah this game can turn on individual moves – I wouldn’t have been able to afford the extra VP if someone hadn’t gone to Carthag this turn.

I assume that @Dave_Perkins has Corner the Market which will be worth an additional 2VP.

Oh, and I didn’t list it, but the card I used to go to Secure Contracts and get 3 coins was DTDP.

I reveal:

I add one to my combat strength for a total of 7

@Dave_Perkins aynthing to add, intrigues before we move to combat…?

I don’t think he can intrigue before combat, as he has no turns left. Also, he’s not in the conflict, so can’t use combat intrigues either.

true, ok. I don’t buy anything, I reveal a dagger and a spice hunter for 2 attack and a spice.

Combat Phase

I am at 24 Attack, Ginger_yellow is at 7 and Brooski is at 7…

Anyone can play intrigues now. If relevant…

I have no intrigue cards left, so nothing from me.

I have no alliances, my downfall this game, so I cannot play the combat intrigue card I have

Then that’s that. I get 2 VP for the conflict and you guys can take the leftovers…

So the Finale?

I have an endgame intrigue which gets me two VPs for having three or more influence with all four factions. Not that it does me any good.

I don’t have any Finale cards… I finish with 8 VP.

I have no cards to play at all.

I finish with 11VP and 3 spice, which is the tiebreaker.


I was wondering why you were happy to be able to get $3 from secure contract!

Yes, I have it. Corner the Market: If I have the most Spice Must Flow then I get one extra vp, and a second vp if I have two Spice Must Flow.

What a ridiculously close game! Any one of any number of things could have swung things entirely a different way. I guess I can’t complain after all about my final hand of cards, even though I didn’t play any of them in the final round.

My final intrigue card was To The Victor: When you win a conflict, gain 3 spice.

I appreciate all of the work you guys did in providing me with pix this game.