Dune Imperium: the spice must flow into a boardgame design!

The app or the included solo deck of cards in the physical game (if you don’t want to use an app) are mainly used to block spots on the board.

I’ve only played with the 2 player bot (which might be different than the solo one?). In Uprising, that one can either accumulate resources and compete for victory or be a streamlined bot which still has simple objectives but only really takes up board spaces and can’t win.

Also, it’s worth noting the Dune Imperium digital version supports both asynchronous and real time play. My online game must have taken around an hour?

I’ve found that an hour is pretty common whether asynch or online. Number of players will, obviously, impact that a bit.

@Merakon was on local news today talking about Dune Imperium:

OMG, that is adorable seeing them up there on a local newscast! I love this hobby so much.

And while I’m really down on Dennan as a designer after Clank and Dune came out so underdeveloped, I couldn’t be happier for his success. He’s brought me a ton of videogaming joy over the years and he’s gotta be enjoying some comfortable and deserved job security with Clank’s success and the Dune license. It was really fun seeing him up there plugging the game on a local newscast to someone who has no idea what he’s talking about. :)

I got this on iPad for a long trip and I still can’t beat the Easy AI!

I was so mad that the AI always seemed to have an intrigue card ready at hand to win the combat round. Then I remembered I’m in the Dune universe and that’s to be expected!

I finally strung together a few wins after reading a brief strategy guide. I was missing what should have been obvious from any good deck builder: focus on acquiring good cards early in the game.

Especially since you will only cycle through your deck a few times. The earlier you get the cards, the more impactful they are.