Dungeon Encounters - With Mistress Square Enix

Still playing very slowly. I’ve only been as far as level 19. Two wipes so far, although the second one I brought on myself when I saw a “50” square and thought “you know what? This is a terrible idea but I’m going for it.”

I like the slow unfolding of stuff, even as early as I still am in the game. I appreciate that no one here is being too open about what’s to come.

It is funny how the minimalistic approach makes any single little thing in the game seem like a potential spoiler!

so lots of people here playing, how do you play?

  • Action Time Battle
  • Wait (turn based)

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I’m not voting since I haven’t played it yet, but it seems to me that not going with ATB would make Ito cry.

Was Wait not the default? Anyway, most of my Switch gaming is handheld while watching TV, so I like being able to turn my attention away without having to worry about pausing or dying.

It was.

Quick dumb question. My first party wiped on lvl 5 way too fast to a wizard and some flying creature. In the right side list of all the characters, it says some are wandering, etc. it lists some of their positions. I went to one which was on 2nd floor and went to the exact tile they should have been on……but how do you “find” them….I don’t see them and landing on that specific tile does not reveal them….I need more available heroes and have no idea how you get them?

Press the A button, or whatever stands for it, on that tile. You get a message telling you you found somebody there. You can then add them to your party.

Ok will give that a go…thanks.

Edit….actually I landed on the tile but had to open the party menu and that explorer was then available to put into my party. Was hoping I could do something to move them to the academy for later hire but didn’t se that option.

I love the naming conventions for spells in the game. Everything starting with “ma” is a magic attack
Every spell with “flux” in the name is dealing random damage from 1 to max. So Malaflux is a random damage spell. And if the spell is ending with “iare” then it will hit all enemies.

So Malare or Malafluxare hit all enemies, the first with fixed damage, the second with potentially higher damage.

Probably obvious to all people playing the game, just wanted to document it here for newcomers to the game.

Yeah it is cool, once you get what the name parts mean you can ‘read’ what spells do by the name.

It’s a fairly common JRPG thing. Most Final Fantasys and the SMT/Persona games use similar naming conventions.

In other games there’s often something in there that indicates tier, or power level, and spell type (like particular elemental damage, or whether something is a buff).

“I should not find out what’s in F9” I told myself repeatedly before giving into curiosity. I was right!

Yeah, F9 is the room 237 of dungeon encounters

I don’t remember anymore, when your party dies, you can continue the game if there are people on floor 00 ? But you have to level up your new party again… that’s like almost permadeath. Is there a way to switch parties without moving all to 00 and replace everybody?

I am now on floor 10, and I fear a party wipe could really make me pause the game for a while. I already did a rescue mission of my KO’ed characters when I was wiped on floor 5. But if you can’t get to your KO’ed party because of enemies, you are kind of out of luck…

If you totally wipe, there’s the option to restart but retain your character levels.

One of my favorite parts of the game is discovering and unlocking new gameplay mechanics as I go, so two big caveats: that might make giving advice less fun for you, and more importantly, everything I’m telling you as someone ahead of you in the game might be different/irrelevant by the time you’re further than I am.

But up to where I am on level 24, with four or five party wipes, it’s not been difficult to rescue my party, but it is sometimes tedious.

So, advice:

  • Don’t sell all your unused equipment. Keep some handy to equip a rescue party—maybe not a full set of your top tier stuff, but just don’t be in a hurry to sell off everything. With your rescue party likely lower level than the team you’re trying to save, you may not be able to equip your best stuff anyway, but you can prioritize as necessary. If your team is really uneven, at least give the lowest members the best armor they can equip so they can hopefully survive encounters and gain some XP on the way.
  • Traversal options keep opening up. If you’ve made it to level 10, you probably found the two-way teleporter back to level 0 on level nine. It did not surprise me to learn there’s another one on level 19.
  • You’ll get some exploration abilities that help traveling around the dungeon (you may already have some, I don’t remember what I found when). It makes it viable to skip a lot of enemy encounters, sometimes all of them on a level.
  • When you’re working with a healthy party, remember to go pick up any undiscovered characters who you have coordinates for already in the Composition list. If you really get into a pickle and have cascading failures, more warm bodies at 00 might make a difference. The later characters are all “Wandering” and have to be found in other ways, but there are a handful that have their coordinates known at the start. Just go to that square in the dungeon and press “A” to “discover” them, then they can be added to your party at that space (and yes, that means leaving someone else behind if you’re already at four, so you may want to make a special trip with a partial group when going to find them.
  • And speaking of partial groups, if you’re careful with avoiding encounters, you may be able to get a rescue team of just one or two characters to your party to make it easier to relay characters back to where you need them.

All of that with huge grains of salt from someone who’s not too much further!

The game’s also civilized enough to hand you regularly a leveled up character to rescue, in case you find it tedious to maintain extras (which it isn’t, but that’s a whole other branch of discussion)

Pitfalls are dumb. Never fallen into a hidden one, had the pitfall clairvoyance early on, but have I accidentally walked into one I could plainly see? Yes. Are they also a tedious extra step in fully exploring a level requiring at least one leave-and-come-back trip? Yes.

They’re not a fun challenge I overcame, they’re just annoying.

I’m just starting the 80’s now. Other than pitfall complaints, still steady, slow, going.

And just accidentally rolled credits.

Is there a reason to go back and finish exploring the dungeon, or picking up the few characters I never got?

Combat was mostly a pushover by the end for me. Being thorough about exploration along the way meant always having enough points to have the crucial exploration and battle abilities available. When you’re protected against almost all of the tricky status/instant kill attacks, and you also do double damage with anyone who has full HP, and you also have that crazy hidden samurai sword, there’s not much that can slow you down.

I was using the “wait” battle setup though, if you’re using the active time battles I imagine it’s a different kind of challenge.

There are a few hidden bosses, but maybe you killed them unknowingly ;D