Dungeon Hero: Is it live or is it Memorex?

From bluesnews:

Is it me, or is there some serious confusion about reality versus fantasy going on here?

“Wizardry: The first game to realistically depict magic-using adventurers in hallways that look like gridlines!”
“Galactic Civilizations: All the drama and intrigue of an actual galaxy-spanning space civilization!”

This word “realistic”, I do not think it means what they think it means.

Well, there’s nothing inherently “fantasy” about the sentence you quoted. Dungeons exist in real life. People could live there. They probably have heroes. A sims-style game that’s constantly subverting the expectations people have of games set in dungeons and involving heroes – lots of combat, e.g. – could be interesting.

I’m probably over-thinking this.

“Realistically depict underground life” --> Oblivion with low ceilings

Danger and intrigue I like. But daily routine? It sounds like I’m going to get to cart latrine droppings up to the surface and dump them or something.

What kind of creepy name is that for a game studio? Gamecock? That can’t be right.

Is Johnny Knoxville behind this?

1 theory is that it was going to be Gamecunt, but they chickened out at the last minute.


OK, let me ask this: can anyone name any actual subterranean community? I mean, a big one where lots of people live today?

I suppose I have actually seen at least one place where there used to be a subterranean community. In 1999 I went to Turkey (there was a total solar eclipse there on my 30th birthday) and, among many other things, toured the caves of Cappadocia:

Christians in the 8th - 12th centuries excavated these caves and lived down there by the hundreds, with ventilation systems, camouflaged chimneys, and stables, hiding from the Muslims who regularly swept over the landscape looking to exterminate them.

So, OK, there were “actual subterranean communities” once.

Eh well, according to Wikipedia the name has a beautiful signification, as awkward as it might be

New York subway/sewer systems? Or so the legend goes…

Depends on your definition of big - I’m sure they have heroes, though.

Beautiful screenshot. Great shaders effects ;)

It’s approaching photorealism.

Yeah but what kind of rig do I need to actually make it look like that?

Dungeon Hero promises all the danger, intrigue and daily routine of an actual subterranean community

//Welcome to Dungeon Hero.
//You last logged on 3 days 4 hours 23 minutes ago.
//You have the following tasks left to complete today:
Mine 54 chunks of ore
Cart 17 loads of stone to the surface
Harvest 32 mushrooms
Replace 8 glowing algea lamps
//You are hungry and should eat something soon.
//Your bowels are full, you should evacuate them very soon.
//You are currently 19 minutes late for your shift at the ore mine.
//Yesterday’s trash lies in a sack next to the door, it smells bad.
//Your wife glares at you menacingly, this battle would present a challange.
//Your bowels have just emptied on their own. You have lost 5 Charisma.

This is an example of current day people living underground.


That movie was pretty amazing.