Dungeon Keeper 2 crashes

Well, what the topic says.

Dungeon Keeper 2 crashes on me occasionally as I play. Sometimes I just get kicked directly to the desktop, other times it freezes the system entirely, with the hand cursor still moveable, requiring a reboot.

It’s annoying to say the least. I tried setting my desktop colour to 16-bit, removed active applications from the tray, disabled the the anti-virus software, but nothing seems to help.

What OS are you running? Have you patched it up to the very last patch issued (1.61 or something like that, I think)? What video card are you running? And lastly, what are you doing when it crashes?

I realize that’s alot of questions, but you have to realize, this game had a lot of problems. I believe the last patch fixed a lot of the errors, but I also know that on certain video cards it would crash at mission end-points and during certain…events (don’t know what else to call it)…during gameplay.

If you’re using XP or 2k, try one of the compatibility modes for win98 (doubt win95’ll work), but if it’s crashing on you randomly, odds are it’s the game and not some fucked up happy-go-lucky bug.

It’s XP, latest patch (1.7), on a Geforce 4 Ti4200. I can’t seem to pin the crashes on some specific thing that I do.

I bought an EA game compilation and thought I’d finally try the game out.

Totally forgot to try compatability modes, will do that.

Bizarre. I pulled this out of my bin of old games and started playing it again, for no apparent reason. Then I see your post today. :-)

It’s a great game. I did crash this morning, though, so I may try the Win 98 compatibility thing.

“You need a biggar treasure rooom” - I still have that bass growl in my head.

“Jackpot winner.” :-)

I still remember the first time I saw the wizards getting down to “Disco Inferno.”

Win98 compatability mode seems to work. Still can’t believe I didn’t figure that out on my own.

Don’t forget to enable the bump mapping the one patch adds. It’s mentioned in a readme and it makes the game look purty.

If you do a google newsgoups search or browse the alt.games.dungeonkeeper newsgroup using google again. DK2’s XP incomatiblity is the reoccuring theme.

There are a lot of suggested fixes (although none appear to be 100%) and most involve replacing the EAX dll with one from a newer game.

Also if you’re interested in DK style play I’d heartily recommend Startopia which is now in the budget racks. It’s not the same and not without its flaws, but very much in the same vein.

Ghost Master looks kind of DK like, but most likely to arcady and too hard coded to be as fun.

I really, really enjoyed Startopia until the missions with combat. Then I stopped playing the missions and just fiddled around in the non-combat stuff.

Startopia was fun for a while, but I like DK2 better.

DK2 has all these nice little touches like Imp slapping, and the mentioned “Disco Inferno”, Startopia feels bland in comparison. The only thing that made startopia different was the bio deck, it was fun messing about with the climate and playing farmer.