Dungeon Keeper+ Terraria + Dwarf Fortress= Craft The World

On steam early access now.

I’m intrigued enough to consider it.

Thankfully its the Terraria style 2D view which means my wallet is safe :-)

The artworks looks pretty great, though.

It definitely looks cool. I added it to my wish list. It seems that every game I am interested in these days is early access. Ill wait though. I do not want to get bored of the game before half the features are in.

It’s a God-crafting-tower defense-rts game with magic! They left out third-person stealth. I’ll bet it’s also a floor wax AND a desert topping.

Yea, but how deep is the game? no pun intented, deep, as in… how much levels undeground you can dig while finding more and new stuff.

Has is presented, looks like a <<“very-high quality” first hour of Terraria, if the graphics where made by Zynga and the programming by Rovio Entertainment>>.

Finnaly!, Tesla coils!.

Have to say, that looks pretty neat! Not sure I’d jump in on it yet, but wow it looks promising.

Oh wow, that looks great. xmas shopping for the kids is getting easier.

So it’s a remake of Diggles/Wiggles but without hamsters to ride? Where’s the fun in that?

So, I’m playing this. I really like it, but much like Towns, Terraria and the rest of the Dwarf Fortress-alikes, I’m not sure I know how to play it correctly.

It starts out easy enough, much like Terraria. You build a few basic things, work towards building a home/shelter. But suddenly I get invaded by goblins that set up a camp nearby and every time, it wipes me out.
This isn’t even the real RTS-style Tower defense-esque invasion that has a count down timer displayed on my screen. It’s always before that. I’m sure there’s a formula that is necessary to follow in order to survive these encounters.

Even still, I can see addiction setting in, and determination to find the right path to success; again, much like the other games mentioned above that this game models itself after.

Wow, that actually looks incredibly charming. Will wait a bit since I have zero time to play it, but that’s going on my wishlist to watch for sure.

The steam forums seems to agree that the difficulty is set too high. One thing I saw mentioned was that use of teleports/portals help (I forget which it was).

Looks really awesome

Yeah, I’ve learned a lot more by playing tonight. I’ve survived 3 rounds of the tower defense invasion events, but wiped on the 4th one, as my 7 dwarves (hehe) were all low on health due to a bad swimming disaster. The key is to make an underground shelter first, before trying to make one above ground (due to the sheer number of wooden walls you would need above ground, just like Terraria).

Once you learn how to make a shelter, things start rolling along. There is a random difficulty factor based on your starting point, in regards to how many trees/iron/coal are nearby, as well as the shape of the land right around you.

After this last play through, I’m really hooked. There are some minor bugs, and one hard crash, but the game picked up right where I crashed once I got back in. Things are only going to get better with patches, and that has me really excited.

The gameplay trailer on Youtube shows some pretty advanced stuff later in the game; elevators, spells that gather things for you, etc.

Looks kind of cool.

Say I really like Dwarf Fortress, Terraria and Minecraft, I’m lukewarm on RTS, and I don’t much like tower defense at all - do you think I’d like this?

Safe to say that if you like Terraria, then you will like Craft the World. It draws most heavily from that game. The RTS and TD bits are more like short invasions of a group of monsters that happen rarely. It’s not like Space Rangers 2, where you actually cut away to a different map and play an RTS mini-game.

What an attractive looking game! I’m especially drawn to the DK aspects that look like they make the mechanics of construction less frustrating than Terraria.

But seriously, what an unimaginative name!

Well, I’m almost in the opposite boat. I’ve almost entirely avoided the Dwarf Fortress/Terraria/Gnomoria/Towns/Minecraft quasi-genre of “build stuff and don’t die horribly” games mostly because of how open-ended and formless they tend to be. I mean, I get the Lego comparison and all, but I just want a little more structure to my experience rather than just climbing a crafting progression for no other reason than because it’s there.

Does this game do a little more in terms of having your choices need to be more intentional/planned in order to deal with predetermined events, meet goals, and achieve some sort of stable final state?

Sorry, that sounds like a really bad final paper in a game design course. I’m mostly asking if the game gives you more direction than “build stuff because it’s cool to build stuff!”

There is more of a reason to build stuff in these games other than the sake of building stuff. For example in Terraria, there are a constant stream of monsters attacking you. You build weapons and armor to defend yourself. You build houses to protect yourself and store your stuff. You expand your house to attract NPCs who will sell you stuff. There are larger and tougher monsters around with phatter lewtz so you need better stuff to fight them. Then there are boss monsters and all sorts of cool items to help you deal with them. Really the big point of making stuff to deal with monsters, not just for the hell of it.

Well, I feel like you can reach a pretty stable point in most of them reasonably quickly (e.g., build a set of stuff that basically works well enough, provides enough resources to be self-sustaining, and defends you against the threats you’re likely to face). Advancement beyond that point (as far as i know, as a non-player of these games and only a casual observer of the genre) stems more from a player desire to grow beyond the existing stable equilibrium toward something grander/more complex/more challenging.

In a lot of similar games (e.g., Impressions city builders or the Settlers titles), you run-around the onset of equilibrium via unusual mission goals or just by the fact that missions end, forcing you to attain stability once more in a new environment in the next match.

Unless these games have an ever-escalating difficulty curve or it’s extremely difficult to achieve resource equilibrium/stability without an enormous, extremely complicated empire, I wouldn’t (again, this is me–personally) feel much drive to push beyond a basic structure/town/whatever.

This isn’t meant to come across as an attack of the genre or anything, and it’s very possible I’m wrong about key points. I’m just trying to see if this title (or others, I suppose) provides the level of structure/forward momentum that would allow me to enjoy it most :)

(I’m secretly really bad at sandboxy games. I don’t think I’ve ever finished an Elder Scrolls or GTA title in my life)

With the nicely defined colorful art style, and large UI, I’d wager it’d make a terrific mobile game. I wonder…