Dungeon Runners: Cool little 'Beer and Pretzles' MMO

In October I got and invite from NCsoft for the closed beta of Dungon Runners:


I signed up and received my codes, but for some reason thought that the beta was going to be at a later date, so I shelved and pretty much forgot about it. Turns out the beta has been going on since mid october, and the NDA has been lifted and although the game is still in closed beta, they have started a refer a friend program (see site for details).

Anyway downloaded the client (just under 400 megs) and logged in. Imagine Diablo style skills and loot with Guild Wars type common areas and instancing with cartoony WoW like stylings with an engine that feels like the first NWN. Cool thing is that the dungeons are randomly generated every time you log back into the game.

Like ‘Spaceward Ho’ did for the 4x stategy game (yeah, I’m dating myself) so Dungeon Runners does for the MMO. Simple yet addictive gameplay with the tongue lodged firmly in cheek. From the NPC voices and diaglogue to the loot system (imagine looting the 'filth encrusted cleaver of the Manatee), you can’t stop grinning from ear to ear. Quests are abundant and standard for this type of game and instead of just ‘one more turn’ you will be saying ‘just one more quest’.

The game still has a few rough edges and the movement and camera system definately needs some tweaking. Drops are too plentiful and need to be balanced, but overall the challenge ratio appears to be just right.

The game will be free to download and play, but for $4.99 a month you will get certain perks (detailed on the website) like access to higher tiered gear, game access priority.

While the game will definately appeal to a younger audience, I think it is perfectly suited for MMO and RPG veterans who might not have the time to invest in a full blown mmorpg or even complement a current mmo subscription when one doesn’t want to engage in such time consuming pursuits as raiding and the like. Like Diablo, the hook in the game is the gear and the drops. Each piece of gear is distinctive and exagerated in a WoW like way. Gaming nirvana for the ‘e-peen set’; you’ve got helmets with wings, humungous axes gigantic spatula-like mega swords and cool looking armour pieces (boots, chestpieces, pauldrons etc).

One of the things I really like about Dungeon Runners is the the ‘fun’ is instantly accessable. Whether you have half an hour or many hours you will feel you have accomplished something, though there are greater challenges in the game like the 10 level ‘Horrific Dungeon of Legend’ that apparently take many hours to complete.

So far the game is extremely solo friendly, and I am pretty sure that it throughout, if the the official forums are any indication.

Finally I do have one ‘friend referal’ available. Anyone from QT3 that’s genuinely interested PM me.

I have a couple of referrals as well in case anyone is interested.

— Alan

if anyone has a referral free, I’d love to have one.

This is the game that looks exactly like WoW including the interface and art direction, right? I remember seeing screenshots awhile back.

I’d like to check it out too if you have any more available.

I’ll bite… would like another look after all these months. I wonder if they kept any of my backstory? Probably not. I heard that Andy is back doing concept art.

That looks pretty nifty… kinda like a quick-play WoW/Untold Legends/Diablo type vibe. Edit: Got a hookup.

Dungeon runners was developed at nc austin? For some reason I thought it was a korean game translated for the US.

Hmm, a hack 'n slash mmo that isn’t a giant time sink? I’m game if there are still any invites flying around.

I think I might take a referral. A tongue-in-cheek MMO sounds pretty good.

[LEFT]I’d be interested, but I’d be splitting my time between WoW another Beta and this. So I should probably wait for release to check it out. hehe


I’d really like an invite, since I have nothing on the go except a final and a beanbag chair.

Me me me!

Please, give an invite to the poor guy always picked last…

LOL Would like to try it. Have a beta app running since you could make one, but no luck so far. Should have posed being a woman I guess…

I really like the subscriber model they do. Hope this kind of model works and that i will take off more. NCsoft is seeing some hard times with auto assault and such. I think its great they’re still prepared to take risks like this untried system. But hey it works in Asia, should also be able to work here.

It’s totally (far as I know) a homegrown game.

You might be thinking of another title under a slightly different payscheme called Exteel.

— Alan

From reading the Website it makes it sound as though the game isnt in beta anymore. Am I reading that right?

Sounds fun! If anyone happens to have extra invites, I’d like to try this out too.

The game is still in beta, and they are still working on adding things and fine tuning. The reason for the invite system is that they want to gradually build the population to progressvely test the server load.

So far there have been no announcements about open beta or when the game will be released officially, but I assume it would be very early in the new year.

Looks like I had three invites (thought I had only one). Pm’d the first three people who Pm’d me.

Gaaahh, this is an infectious little game. Skipped my workout and scheduled WoW session to play.

Someone chuck me an invite if you have it. Please.

Hm. I admit I’m interested. As I don’t want to annoy people via PM who may have already given their invites away, I’ll just post here that if anyone has one going spare, I’ll happily take it up (assuming you don’t mind giving it to someone new to QT3.)


That looks like a pretty cool game. NCSoft finally got something right? wow. If any referrals become available, I’d like to try it as well.