Dungeon Seige Movie?

Just read it on bluesnews. The real question is why? A game with pretty much no story or characters is being made into a movie.

Oh yeah and if they do make this, then there better be a scene with a donkey kicking a monster.

Played by Eddie Murphy, of course!


I’m going to hold out for the nethack movie.

I want to say right here and now that the options for the Omega movie are still open if any of you are hollywood execs… call my agent, we’ll do lunch.

That may be a Good Thing ™. After all, the writers get pretty much a blank slate to work from without having to contend with silly game-like conventions and considerations.

The reason it may be made into a movie is obvious. Lordd of the Rings has be extremely successful. Follfowing standard Hollywood movie-making strategy, this means that the options for anything remotely related to epic fantasy will be bought up on the off-chance it might be useful material for a miovie. In the case of Dungeon Siege, there is an automatic video game tie-in.

I got to the point where I read it will be from the same people that did House of the Dead…yeah whatever.

Does the movie watch itself so I don’t have to? rimshot

I was really wondering what Uwe Boll was up to after being busy ridiculing the HotD and Alone in the Dark franchise. Here’s the answer.