Dungeon Siege 2 video

OK, I know it requires registration and all that, but it’s worth it:

Go watch it. Then come back here.


Definitely the most spectacular large-scale effects I’ve yet seen. This really looks like Chris Taylor taking things to the next level – many many more monsters, much more simultaneous mayhem. I don’t know whether the actual gameplay will be more about huge army battles or about one-on-one boss battles – i.e. will it be more Total Annihilation or Dungeon Siege 1? – but if the engine can do all this, and if Taylor is behind it, some of that mass chaos has got to make it into the gameplay!

(I also like the way they used the Blade 2 super-vampire mouth design for the big bad guy!)

I didn’t hear anything about this in any E3 coverage so far… did anyone else?


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They only showed a shorter cinematic trailer at the E3 (and even that wasn’t on the show floor). Some of it is apparently “in-game”, but other than the cool dragon at the end, most of it looks like cutscenes.

I guess that’s the part that has me excited… to me, a few other bits (the archers on the wall, the woman walking across the waterfall bridge) could also be gameplay. And I’m really hoping that the scuttling hordes are gameplay! (I know we haven’t seen any in-game footage yet, but if all those scenes are in-engine, then at least it’s possible the game will be like that…)

Of course, Dungeon Siege itself was a love/hate experience :-

I remember how Dungeon Siege games with my friends whilst doing homework quickly degraded to us just standing around in one spot. Chat transcript:

Friend: Why are we just staying still.
Me: I dunno. I’m following YOU.
Friend: But I’m following you!

It’s never good to make a game that easy to level up in while you can finish off that studying :P

Before all the “gack, DS was a 3D screensaver” comments start, please remember that Taylor did create Total Annihilation, which is darn near deserving of sainthood.

Methinks he’ll do better this time.

(I hope… Despite the hardcore gamer “blah” reactions, DS did sell well.)

I remember this one time a friend of mines and I were playing online with his other bud. I had set my guy to follow him and it was late up so I decided to go lay on the bed for awhile to rest my eyes. Next thing I know, I wake up and the game is still running and my friend and his bud had left. When I spoke to him later, he had told me that he didn’t know I had left till I had died and didn’t respond to any messages. I told him when I had probably fallen asleep and he told me that it was about 45 minutes from that point before I had died. :D

This isn’t to knock on Dungeon Siege or anything since I do like the follow command. It wasn’t the best RPG I ever played but I did finish the single and multiplayer campaigns (Still wondering what the hell is up with the Pit of Despair). I probably only played it through mostly because of the really nice looking scenery. The story was sorely lacking and I felt it was way too linear. I’m willing to think though that DS2 will address most of the problems that plagued DS.

At one point wasn’t Taylor saying he was thinking of having his next game be something other than Dungeon Siege, and that he was firmly educated in the economics of using an engine for more than one game?

He has definitely mentioned wanting to do another game in the spirit of Total Annihilation. That game may still be unequaled for sheer screenwide destruction. In fact, this theme lends itself to a thread all its own…

Yeah, the graphics look much improved. Of course there’s still a major lack of detail in the character’s faces and such, compared to similar in-engine cut scenes in upcoming games, but we’re talking about models for an overhead perspective game, so it’s quite good for that. The lighting and spell effects and such are much better and I like that there appears to be a bit more of a dynamic nature to the surroundings (granted…that’s a cut scene).

But absolutely nothing in that trailer tells me anything about the gameplay, and specifically whether or not DS2 will address the biggest shortcomings of DS1 (lack of character personality, very generic weapons, a very generic “improvement” system whereby bigger and badder stuff doesn’t act any different, it just does X amount more damage or whatever, slim “kill foozle” plotline, etc.). It appears the expansion pack will already address some of those things from DS1, so perhaps DS2 will take it to the next step.

When I interviewed Taylor for your magazine Jason. ;-)
He was emphatic that he learned that lesson. I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t work really hard on the personality side of things.

You just did play it. If it helps to make the experience more authentic, press the “health” and “mana” hotkeys every couple of minutes. There you are! The complete Dungeon Siege 2 experience.

I don’t care how pretty it looks, they’re not getting my money again.
DS1 was one of the most worthless “gameplay” experiences I every paid for.

It does look nice, Repoman, but that’s one of those trailers that I really hate because it tells me next to nothing about the game. Cutscene, cutscene, cutscene, logo.

In fact, for all I know, it might as well be a trailer for Temple of Elemental Evil, Worlds of Warcraft, or Etherlords II.


Is this trailer up on any non-game sites?

It was an interactive screensaver, and a pretty one at that. But it was still disappointing. If he can dose it with some fun, then DS2 should be a big seller.

I really really like dungeon siege. that said …

at a multiplayer game of ds at a lan party a friend went to sleep and work up to find he’d levelled up 3 times :)

Before all the “gack, DS was a 3D screensaver” comments start, please remember that Taylor did create Total Annihilation, which is darn near deserving of sainthood.

And Romero helped make Doom and Quake, and I think we know where that led. What exactly is your point here?

DS was fine by me… though it DOES need alot more depth to character development (though on hard DS has a tactical edge to it that most crpg’s don’t usually have…). Does anyone know how character dev. is handled in DS2? Something closer to the complexity of Freedom Force would rock imo…


I thought DS1 was an ok game save the lack of character development, lack of a compelling storyline, lack of easily switching your spells whilst in combat, the lack of decent booty and or hot babes too. I couldn’t get into multi because it was at times such a pain to hook up with people and I rather disliked freezing the gameworld for 45 seconds while my friend joined up…then 10 minutes later he lags out… repeat all over again.

Well I know that in the DS1 expansion, for instance, they do some really simple and obvious things like have your characters acknowledge orders. Like you click your guy and click attack and he says “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” or whatever. You know, like what they do to give little overhead-viewed people personality in every single RTS in the world. That alone should lend a lot of personality to the characters, since you’re in combat 99% of the time.

How they are going to handle plot and actual character/party development, on the other hand, I don’t know. I mean I can’t even name a single character from Dungeon Siege anymore. But I can tell you all about Aribeth De Tylmarande and what happens to her lover, and how it changes her, and so on. I’d never forget Misc and Boo, or (as much as I’d like to) Imoen. That kind of thing is a big part of what I look for in RPGs, and where something like Morrowind just didn’t do it very well, Dungeon Siege just sort of gave it up by default. It’s like they didn’t even TRY. shrug

How many NPCs were in Dungeon Seige? Six?
I like living cities full of NPCs. Oh, a good story, or story at all, helps as well.

Who is Taylor making these games for? What did he say at DICE - “Can I kill you?! Can I kill that?!”?

I feel no need to enter a game and begin killing right away. I’d think only speed freaks would.

Yeah, I’ve completely about the forgotten the story (whatever there was) and the characters of DS about five minutes after I stopped playing. What a disaster of a game. Taylor doesn’t (or didn’t) seem to understand the difference between an RTS and an RPG.