Dungeon Siege Follow Up?

I know I’m in the minority, but for me DS gets the vote for the most fun I’ve had with a game so far this year. Me and a pal spent about three weekends finishinig off the game on my lan, and we both just loved it.

Does anybody have any idea what the plans are for a follow up? Expansion pack, sequel (please), ??? The technology seems too damn goood to just go to waste on one game. I’d really love to hear they’re doing a sequel.

Yes on both.
Taylor told me during a recent interview that far too much of DS dev time was developing that “engine that could do amazing things” (like seamlessly go inside or outside). Time ran out, though, and he admitted to underestimating fan’s interest in story richness. The engine was built to be a long term tool. Its built to easily take upgrades as tech marches on and he plans on doing a lot with it.

I also understand that the game sold well.

Maybe the next time they will include a game in with the auto-pilot/occasional potion tool which was Dungeon Siege. :wink:

No offense Drunk.

that sounds like an interesting interview. where will it be printed?

I’d be interested in reading such an interview too.

Personally, I LOVE the seamlessness of the inside/outside, but I feel like game itself was lacking…even the tools are lacking (try to make a conversation in that engine). I’m really looking forward to the next release and maybe even an expansion pack that can correct/expand the current issues.