Dungeon Siege revisited

I just finally got around to playing Dungeon Siege through, and thought I’d see how my initial take jibes with any long-term player opions out there.

Overall I liked the game. It had good graphics, nice spell effects, and smooth play on my 1.4ghz computer. There was a nice smattering of magic items, a wide variety of terrain, and quest system. The zoom feature was nice, as were the pack mules and ability to add party members.

On the downside, it hasn’t won out against Diablo 2 for me. The zoom was nice, but to see anything out to a distance where it would also see me I had to keep it zoomed far out most of the time, negating a lot of the nifty graphics work. There were a lot of magic items, but a lot of them were not really very useful. A bow that reduces ranged ability, or a mage’s garment that adds a melee level, for instance. I liked the packmules, but the cities were too far apart. Without a rapid-travel option I could load up 2 packmules, get to the city, sell my wares and still not have enough money to buy the things I wanted for the party. It was also a total waste to have packmules along after the last outpost with a trader. Probably 20% of the game was after the last fort, and there were no merchants that I found along the way. I could have ditched the packmules for 2 more party members and seriously bumped up my firepower at that point with no loss of useful storage capacity.

Overall, I’d rate it about a 6/10.

Yeah, it’s uninspired. I’d say DS was the most disappointing game of 2002; I couldn’t even force myself to finish it, even though the game practically plays itself.


Yeah, it’s uninspired. I’d say DS was the most disappointing game of 2002; I couldn’t even force myself to finish it, even though the game practically plays itself.

And I was just thinking Dungeon Siege gets my pick for PC game of the year! I’m serious! :D

For whatever reason, I can’t think of another game I had more fun with this year. I played it over a lan with a friend and we had an absolut blast. Did not encounter a single bug or hiccup. I can’t wait for a sequel.

Great engine…and thats about it. Anybody else besides me never even use archers in the games cause they seemed pretty worthless? I used 2 melee and 2 magic users throughout it all with no problem. Besides clicking to drink mana and health potions and looking at the pretty scenery there didn’t seem to be much else to do. Maybe the guys doin gthat Ultima V conversion can make something fun out of it.

For the multiplayer game, we found 2 portal stones in that Nexus thingy that would always cause a crash to desktop. Might’ve been fixed in more recent patches though. Weird thing is, with 3 people playing, no matter who crashed to the desktop it would kick everyone else out of the game.

I used an archer all the way through the game. I believe the first party member that joined me was an archer and she ended up being a great source of damage. Had 3 melee, 1 spirit caster, 2 sorcery casters, 1 archer, 1 mule at the end of the game. (or something like that). I used the archer as a little backup healer as well.

The game doesn’t have enough challenge, but for most part it was enjoyable just seeing everything in it.

The archers did seem to be the worst, but if you had good archery skill those crazy goblin inventor weapons probably were fun.

I used no melee guys – solely archers and a couple of magic users, and never even had to bother with health potions as a result.

5 or 6 of us at work finished the single player mode and then went on to play about 20-25 hours of multiplayer (enough for a chicken run, etc).

not being a student of the genre, i liked it a lot b/c it was easily accessible. several of the guys at work liked it, but i doubt it replaced Diablo as their game of choice.

my main character was full-on melee, but a couple of the other guys used mages as their main player. one guy even went back and re-played the single player mission, leveling his character one point at a time, evenly across all attributes. that character turned out to be the über person in the group for multiplayer.

all in all, i was impressed. it ran smoothly, had nice mission flows and didn’t take forever to finish. of course, i have never played a game of Diablo, so what do i know… :D

I used a bit of everything for DS. I went with one archer, 1 melee and 2 magic for most of the game. As I got farther on, I went to one more melee and then one more archer.

As I’ve said before I liked the beginning of DS all right… the end was utterly boring and annoying. They could have at least given a message that there would be no point to holding onto anything till the end because for the last 5th/4th of the game you couldn’t sell it. There were lots of design problems as the game got near the end, but over all I’m not upset that I bought it.

My biggest complaint would be the promised MP. It didn’t work near as well to play the game coop as it did in Diablo, for instance. Everything reset itself each time you started the server again. I DID return the second copy I bought since it was completely useless for my wife and I to play together.

Am I the only one here who played a solo archer with 7 donkeys to carry my loot?


Am I the only one here who played with 8 donkeys to carry my loot?

For a game with no depth, people sure seem to have found a lot of different ways to play it.

were you able to complete the single player this way? we heard you could if you were careful enough and took enough time…but then we started multiplayer and never went back.

It’s just like Biggie said: Mo’ Donkeys, Mo’ Problems


I love that!


If the game was truly flexible, you could play with all Donkeys.

I can get to the other side of town 20 different ways, but they are all filled with the same idiot drivers, traffic, and boring ride.

I finished it with two archers and six donkeys (and the end battle was tough-with lots of running away). I tried replaying it a few times with a solo character but inevitably got bored about four hours into the game. I just couldn’t see the replay value after watching the pretty stuff once already. But then I have the attention span of a gnat.