Dungeons & Dragons 80s saturdaymorningcartoon show

I didn’t know i needed this closure, but it’s 2020 and I absolutely do:

Did this show have anything actually to do with DnD? Classes, spells, setting?

Haha, you’re cute.

As a 13-year old boy infatuated with D&D, I found this cartoon insufferable. The animation was terrible, even for 80s cartoons. The new classes didn’t officially exist – Unearthed Arcana hadn’t been released yet and I didn’t have a sub to Dragon magazine at the time, so it felt completely non-canon and barely D&D. I constantly struggled with the concept that only two of the six characters had a weapon of any kind. I hardly ever watched the show.

That energy bow was pretty bad-ass, though.

To be fair, as a 13 year old you weren’t the target audience.

This show was great and the Spanish theme song for it ROCKED

Compare it to the lackluster original:

The only Saturday Morning Cartoon to ever – to my knowledge – get away with a boob shot. I ain’t gonna post it, but young 138 remembers seeing it and thinking, “Holy shit! I just saw a boob!” (I was young.)

That is nice. Thanks.

I didn’t have a subscription to dragon magazine, but i used to grab it wherever and whenever i could. The earliest one I think i ever got was in the 30’s and i probably started collecting it regularly in the 60s through to about 120, maybe 150. Man, that brings back memories.

I used to like watching the show, because DnD content of any kind at the time was sparse - but i don’t think it ‘made it’ in my market and i only ever saw a handful of shows.

Hmm, it looks like the dragon archive is pretty robust: https://archive.org/details/DragonMagazine260_201801

wow, looking through this triggers some huge nostalgia. Holy shit, Wormy!

I remember sneering and saying, “That’s not D&D,” and never deigning to cast eyes on it again. The bratty barbarian kid with his Captain Caveman club, sheeit.

Although I had a similar reaction to He-Man, but enjoyed it in my 40s on the qubo OTA channel. The sheer stupidity of He-Man’s wisecracks, OMG. “Don’t forget to…DROP IN sometime, Skeletor!” CRASHHHHHHHHH

I was amazed visiting the US in the mid-1980s all the weird shit on TV. AFN only had a fraction of these shows (it being a single channel) and Germany only dubbed a few of them like Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street.

I only watched it for Tiamat. Demodragon was pretty dope as a kid.

Thundarr the Barbarian was much more D&D Fantasy to me as a kid than this show was. It featured a real barbarian, a sorceror, and a… Mokk.

Yeah! Thundarr ruled.

That’s not how I remember 1994.

Me neither, but a runaway planet would be completely in character for 2020…

Fuck yes Thundarr! Definitely my favorite of the '80s american cartoons.

Megatron and I have some things we want to discuss with you

Galaxy Rangers y’all.

That cartoon is missing Walker/Chuck Norris.