Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God

I have today discovered that a straight-to-DVD sequel to the first abysmal D&D movie has just been released, thanks to a cross-promotion they’re currently doing with World of Warcraft.

I put it on my Netflix queue for a hoot, hoping that it might be a Hawk The Slayer for 2006. Anyone else planning on giving it a look?

For a brief moment I thought this thread was going to talk about the fact that a THIRD movie had been greenlit.

the truly hilarious thing to me is that they’re doing this cross promotion with WoW/Blizzard, and (seemingly) not the Dungeons & Dragons Online game that’s coming out in 10 days.

I have not seen it, but the buzz is that it’s the film the first one should have been: a fun, cheesy b-movie.

I was thinking the same thing. Thats just weird.

This was on Sci Fi a couple of months ago as one of their Saturday night movies. It was low budget, obviously, but it’s heart was in the right place and I enjoyed it. They took the subject matter relatively seriously, rather than try to be camp. It’s definitely worth checking out, as long as you don’t go in expecting LotR-caliber acting and effects.

Why is it weird? WoW has a MASSIVE audience, D&D Online does not. Given the choice, I’m going to put my promotions in front of the biggest possible audience of consumers that I think would be interested in my product.

It’s a shame Jeremy Irons didn’t come back, especially given that he seems game for b-movie stuff. I read somewhere that he went for the original with that “have fun overacting an evil wizard mwahahahaah character” approach, but that the experience of working on the movie was so soul-crushing and stressful he got together the entire cast and made a pact never to work with that director again.

I was working on TOTAL MOVIE at the time that the D&D movie was being made and I remember we interviewed the director. He was a rabid D&D fanboy who had spent all his personal money acquiring the rights and invested something like 15 years in trying to get the movie made. So I’m not surprised if he was a bit, um, interesting when we finally got to the set.

Surely the question is why would Blizzard want to be associated with what sounds like a crappy B-movie?

Perhaps it was a good move by the DDO people.

Nah, it doesn’t rub off badly on Blizzard at all. It’s not like they allowed a shitty straight-to-DVD Warcraft movie to be made. If someone wants to give them a bunch of free crap to give away to their player community, why wouldn’t they take it?

Again, though, it wasn’t straight to DVD. It was a sci-fi channel movie, at least. And it wasn’t bad. I started a thread about it at the time (no one responded…guess not many watched it). I hated the first D&D movie. But this one is decent, actually, for what it is.

“Straight to cable” doesn’t exactly sound better.

See, this is what made me really up for that movie. I never was a big D&D fan, never played it more than a couple of times pen-and-pencil, but read some of the books, was generally into fantasy lit., and so on. But the movie didn’t have any feel for it at all. It didn’t seem to capture anything from the game, the books, the computer games, none of it. It felt like D&D’s plain cousin, a rotten fruit from some other distant branch of the great tree of Tolkien derivatives. It seemed an obvious hack job, the way the live action Masters of the Universe was cranked out, the way Judge Dredd was cranked out, the way Tank Girl was cranked out, etc.

I’d actually like to see the D&D TV cartoon made into a movie. All these cute kids on an adventure, but will all sorts of dark cthonic weirdness staring into you from between the lines.

Would they still have been magically transported there from the rollercoaster they were on?

I think so. I know the writer(s) have disavowed anything other than sweetnesss and light in the D&D show, but I think that’s because they all had to deal with Satanic Panic bullshit at the time. But the trailers for Final Destination 3 reminded me a lot of some of the creepy ambiguities from the D&D toon. Even as a kid, I figured they all died on that 'coaster. But I guess that’s just me.

I thought it was the most hilarious thing I’d ever seen. Couldn’t stop laughing when I watched the DVD.

And the “Making of Dungeons and Dragons” on the DVD - priceless…

This film was bad. Starship Troopers 2 bad. I tried watching it while sober and couldn’t get more than ten minutes in. Then I tried watching it drunk and still couldn’t get more than ten minutes in. I ended up just skipping through it looking for highlights. It didn’t take long.


Yeah, it was terrible.

Ah, but did you try watching it… [Jon Stewart in Half Baked]ON WEED?[/Jon Stewart in Half Baked]