Dungeons of Dredmor - Graphical Roguelike-ish Awesomeness

I thought I would create a dedicated Dungeons of Dredmoor thread for Beta test feedback that can then morph into the “It’s released” thread. I am presupposing that it is full of “Awesomeness” before having actual proof of such awesomeness, but it is a roguelike [win], it has fancy graphics [double winwin AFAIC] and it appears to have a boatload of The Funny [triple winwinwin]. That is a lotta win on the table. Additionally, there might be some interest outside of the Roguelike thread as it is not all forward slashes, asterisks and pound signs, which I hear can turn off those with challenged imaginations.

Here is the walkthrough the developers did with emphasis on THE CRAFTING. That’s right. I yelled it.

FAQ-ish blog entry.

My favorite preview from an Indie developer’s website: Rampant Games. Which as I stated elsewhere, is making a terrific looking game called Frayed Nights and has very good Indie game blog entries.

“Dredmor has this, and goes a step further with a deep crafting system. The game is littered with crafting materials and crafting stations for adventurers to build their own gear.”

I think I just had a pregnant.

This looks very promising.

Yep. That is a huge plus. Even if it is just slapping together a few pieces of metal and wood to make a sword, it adds more creamy goodness to a game that would be full of cool features without it.

It sounds like it’s going to be a bit more than that too :

  • Select 7 skills from 34 to make your own character class
  • Each skill has from 3 to 8 sub-levels you can upgrade
  • Randomly generated dungeon levels
  • Tactical gameplay
  • Around 500 unique item graphics
  • Ridiculous random (and some less random) magical artifacts
  • Find or create and then set traps
  • Can throw and shoot sharp things, poison gas, or firey bombs at your enemies
  • Six strange spell schools from Mathemagic to Necronomiconomics to Viking Magic
  • Sacrifice Lutefisk to the Lutefisk God for Fishy Rewards!
  • Potions that do things besides heal!
  • Fairly easily moddable with items, spells, monsters, dungeon rooms
    and so forth stored in xml files, with stronger mod support planned…
  • Ten variates of cheese.
  • Crafting, including a pointlessly realistic production chain for the
    creation of Aqua Regia, which you can then drink if you’re so
  • A needlessly educational metallurgy system
  • Completely non-educational tinkering system allows you to make
    crossbows, traps, and odd devices.
  • Sprites! Lots of sprites! Many hand-wrought pixels.
  • Music that people like!


I was going to post that, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high so, for now, I am pretending that doesn’t exist. If half of those features make it in I will be ecstatic. :)

Here’s what I got out of the walkthrough link posted above:

“You are not yet crafty enough to craft his craft”

“The Electroblobby collapses in a pile of love filled with pain”

Both made me chuckle.

You’re hoping for five types of cheese? I would settle for that, as long as one is Gjetost.

The fact that there are videos of the game actually happening… being played… fills me with hope.

Of course, hope is the only thing in life that hurts.

They seem pretty confident of a pre-Duke Nukem release.

Edit - Actually, I should have thought about that before I posted it… :)

I did call them out on changing in the site from “Releasing this May” to “Releasing Summer 2011”. From all I have read and seen, it just looks like they have a good sense of humor throughout and that will be refreshing.

Been playing the beta. Getting my ass whooped but finding it damned fun regardless. :) The game is littered with humor, which I’m really enjoying. :)

oh? How have you been doing that?

Getting my ass kicked? Pretty much fighting stuff until they kill me.

no no, playing the game :-D

Is there a play now if you buy thingie going on?

Oh, in the thread about rogue games, they offer a way to get a beta copy.

Nope. The developer dipped into the roguelike thread and offered a limited number of Beta invites to those PM’ing/emailing him. He said the response was considerable. Hopefully, the release is not too far away as their target is still this Summer.

Heroic Vandalism!

LOL, this looks awesome!

Another beta tester here.

All of those features David mentioned are in the game now (except for modding). They’re continuously updating almost every aspect to the game. Most notably the crafting skills.

They’ve just released a new build and it just keeps getting better and better. New visuals, rooms and Diggles that will kick your butt rather than look at you. I never thought I’d actually fear a flightless bird, but throw six of those suckers in a room and I run like a little girl.

Right now I’m trying out the necronomiconomics spell skill. Love the spells, but Cthulhu demands a heavy price for their use. I’m trying to find a balance between kicking butt in the name of Cthulhu and not getting killed by his “kindness”.

Also Fungal Arts is a fun little secondary skill. You get to make all kinds of mushrooms with spores you can create. I haven’t counted but there are at least ten different varieties you can make or find. Plus when you level up that skill you can summon different creatures. There are two summons available in that skill set (I found my friendly blobbies again :))

How does death work? Do you completely start from scratch as a new character for each run or is there some carryover?

Dammit. They need to wake up from their peaceful slumber and send me my invite.

this sounds awesome!