Durango - Mobile MMO

This just released in the west a few days ago and I’ve been playing it non-stop. From what I’ve seen so far Durango is a really well done mobile MMO. The game is a bit of a mix between Ark and Albion. Lots of building and crafting and I haven’t felt the need to spend anything. It’s a great change of pace from the typical gacha setup.

I have yet to meet someone who “hasn’t felt the need to spend anything” on a f2p mobile game and didn’t end up spending something or getting frustrated with lack of progress. The game seems very polished from the first 20 minutes of play, though.

So far all I’ve done is make a character and already slammed in the face with a lack of info. Any tips of the stats that you can start with? defense, farming, etc

to be fair a lot of times if a dev can convince me that I don’t feel the ‘need’ to buy something to proceed, that is usually when I feel comfortable paying to play their game. How you feel while playing a f2p game can mean a lot imo.

I tried to play but it crashes every time I try to play after the tutorial. Looking at the reviews that seems to be a common issue.

I’m level 44 (out of 60) and I have no XP boosts other than the 5% buff being in a clan gives you. Just a rough estimate but I’d say I get about 20% of a level after 20 minutes of processing my farm mats and cooking them up. It takes 30 minutes for my fatigue bar to reset when the app is closed. Seems reasonable to me.

Some (modestly translated) info here http://www.wegamers.com/dwl/post/13069460547465904129

Other than 1-2 crashes the game plays very smooth on my iPhone Xs.

I meant to play this, but now I suppose I never will.