Durell's Harrier Attack for PC

Harrier Attack 2
Yes! The speccy classic is back now for windows. Demo at the site.

And looking through my rose-tinted glass, the Speccy version’s graphics were just as good!

Come on, Durell, what we REALLY want is an updated version of Scuba Dive!

Interesting - I loved the original. In fact, I wrote a half assed clone of it for the Atari XE at one point or another. Have to download and give it a look.

I want to buy it simply because the full game is only 6mbs.

What we really need is a sequel to Thanatos.

Hmm Scuba Dive, forgot about that one. Ah the good old days.

I would like to second that motion.

And how could I forget to mention Turbo Esprit - the first ever “run over pedestrians and giggle like a maniac” game. But then I suppose GTA has already “remade” that one.