Dustwind - Real-time post-apocalyptic tactical combat, but different


Yes. This launch trailer is quite obnoxious.

That said, here’s the dev trailer that explains the unique mechanic.


Thats certainly a different approach to the genre. Will have to read up a bit on it and perhaps wait for a sale.


I just got this! Made it all the way through the tutorials – which are really funny – to die in the third of four waves of baddies coming at me.

It’s really fun so far, can’t wait to try multi-player.


Interested in thoughts on its value for single player only after you’ve had more time with it.


Why is most post-apocalyptic stuff somehow associated with Eastern European accents?


They’re apparently making the single player more robust, as for a while it was strictly multi-player, but now you can make single player maps, and there are a decent amount of them.