Dvd.co.uk - looking for references

Has anyone(most likely to have been someone in Europe) ever ordered anything from these guys?

I’ve been trying to find an alternative to Amazon.UK to buy books & even games/dvds(although there are more alternatives here) but usually they don’t ship to Portugal or the prices suck.

These guys however have good prices and postage is cheap(€1.5 each item) unlike the ass rape i usually get from Amazon every time i order something from them.

C’mon QT3, you’re my only hope!

I don’t think I’ve ever ordered from that site but have you tried www.play.com?

edit: Never mind, they ship to a ton of countries but… not to Portugal. To Spain, but not to Portugal. Why?

Hehe, the story i heard was that some(ok, seems like it was a lot) Portuguese tried to scam Play.com somehow. I don’t know the details, it just what i was told. :(

As far as I remember, dvd.co.uk are fine to deal with.

I’ve made several orders to dvd.co.uk with no complaints.