DVD copy via hard drive?

Some friends gave us a DVD video they burnt from TV. We want to copy it to another video DVD. I had Nero which could dupe from one DVD drive to another, but I moved my external drive on out a while ago. What’s good software to rip a DVD video to hard disk and then burn it back to another video DVD? Is there more to it than just dragging the VIDEO_NCB or whatever the hell folders off of it, then burning a video DVD from those data files?

Thanks for any low-hanging clues for lazy-ass me. I’d try it right now, but our daughter’s watching the DVD at this instant :-)

DVD Shrink

If its a DVD-5, and you know what you’re doing , I’d use DVD Decrypter, otherwise just use DVD Shrink. Much easier to use and outputs a burnable image file.

Both have been terminated, but you can still find them with your favorite torrent search engine.

Nero can do that. It will copy to an image file or copy to a hard drive folder and you can then burn it to a DVD.