DVD Drive Class-Action Settlement

If you bought a PC (desktop/laptop) with a DVD drive between 2003-2008, or a stand-alone drive for a computer during that same period, you’re eligible for up to $10 back. The suit claims that manufacturers kept the prices on drives artificially high during that period.

So, yeah, I’m getting potentially $20 back because I bought 2 laptops with DVD drives during this period. Could have sworn I bought a DVD drive separately for my desktops during that period, but I checked my order history on Newegg and Amazon, and got nothing. So, 2 laptops it is.

What, no Washington state?

Yes! I bought my first post college PC in that time, 1 DVD for me!

Also bought a laptop in 2007, still using it!

In for $10, that is a free sammitch!

Between 2003 and 2008?!?
I built or bought 4 PCs during that time.
And I’m pretty sure that during that era, they all would have used DVD drives, no more CD.
Well, all I gotta do is go dig through my closet to find out; I kept them all.
Not sure I feel like doing all that for $40 though.

Yeah, I was building a lot of PCs back then. But I didn’t keep records. Hope my customers don’t ask for them. :)

There is no info about requiring proof of purchase right now, it seems like they reserve the right to ask for it if they want. I doubt a small amount would be an issue. I have the email receipt for mine, but I am sure if you, in good faith, did purchase DVD drives, you should be fine.

I have to imagine the proof of purchase thing is for the businesses that bought PCs, etc.

I should have claimed 2 drives, that would have been $20 and 2 free sammitches. :(

I just went through my NewEgg order history. 4 base drives there alone. Also bought a couple laptops in the time period from Dell.


Them bastid lawyers prolly ate up most of the settlement money. The payout isn’t enough for even a gallon of gas. yells at cloud

I’m getting $7.61. I’m going whole hog tonight!

I’m expecting $38.07. I went through my Newegg and Amazon order histories and was able to document quite a few qualifying purchases.

I got my “digital payment” yesterday. Turns out that means your choice of gift card from Amazon, Target, Starbucks, or Mastercard. I doubt they are paying full value for those gift cards, so it’s hard not to feel like the lawyers are cutting out all the admin costs of sending checks, AND skimming an extra percentage off the actual payout to pad their take home.

5 years of billable time, wonder if its possible to see what portion of the settlement they received.