DVD+R discs

I’ve been recording some TV shows onto DVD +R discs recently, using Sony discs, and I’ve found that about half of them are impossible for my built-in DVD player in my bedroom TV to read, and the same ones are readable by my standard DVD player in the den but they still clearly have some spots where the player struggles a bit.

I’m leaning toward blaming the media, since I’ve burned good DVDs in the past using this burner. So I’m going to run the experiment of trying a different brand of DVD+Rs. Any suggestions? Any brands to stay away from?

Thanks - Jeff

Huh. I use Sony DVD-R discs, and have never had a problem with playing stuff on my den DVD player. Haven’t tried +R, though.

This can be tricky, as different DVD players seem to prefer different kinds of media. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Taiyo Yuden media… I think they make “branded” media for some other companies as well. You can get them on Newegg.

Is the DVD player in your bedroom older than the one in the den? That maybe the reason- older players may only be able to read DVD-R discs.

I use Taiyo Yuden discs, generally considered very reliable brand.

DVD+R is less compatible than DVD-R. Unless you are talking Dual Layer. Than, for whatever reason, DVD+R DL should be fine.


More compatibility info than you could ever want.

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