DVD-RW drive not recognized and more!

So I took the plunge and decided to upgrade my PC yesterday… I had a mid-range pre-built PC (Medion, if that brand means a thing to anyone), and I decided to get me a fancy little SLI setup going.

After a lengthy process of trying to actually get the PC running, it’s finally up. Problem is, while it detects my DVD-RW drive as the primary master, when I get into Windows, selecting the drive just locks up the process. If that wasn’t enough to drive me nuts (especially as I now have a machine capable of playing FEAR, but I can’t install it), my PC takes forever to start up and shut down.

Any recommendations? Am I just a complete idiot for not formatting my HDD before installing a new motherboard? Is that pretty much my only course of action? Any help would be greatly appreciated–I’m not about to venture out into hardcore hardware forums :)

You can try Windows repair

To do this insert the Windows CD and restart the PC.
Choose the ‘press enter to set up Windows XP now’ option.
Press F8 to skip through the EULA.
Now press R to begin a repair installation.
Your system will go through the entire XP install process, but will not attempt to replace any of your existing data. It will simply reinstall the system files and redetect all hardware. Once the process has completed, your computer will reboot and we can move on to the next step.

Microsoft also has a system builder tool that would work, trying to remember the name.

IMO, new motherboard = format hard drive/re-install Windows. Otherwise, even if you get it to work, you’ll still have hundreds of old hardware driver files littering your hard drive. I prefer to start with a clean slate.

Its Sysprep, you can find it on your Windows XP CD in the following cab file \support ools\deploy.cab

you’ll want to run the reseal function

Reseal: is run after an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has run Sysprep in factory mode and is ready to prepare the computer for delivery to a customer.

It will prompt windows to reinstall all of the required drivers.

More SysPrep info

Thanks for the tips. I managed to get a spare HDD from a friend and I’m going to just move some documents over there and then reinstall Windows. I’ve got a lot of junk on my system anyway, so I could use the fresh start.