DVD storage recommendations

So, I ran out of space on my book shelf to put new games in and went looking for a case/library thingie to accommodate the growth. I have 40 dvd’s, 10 blurays and 15 special edition boxes which is why I need something that can take different shapes and sizes with room to spare for an extra 40 games.
Ikea didn’t have anything that met my needs, and the local furniture shops usually have those small racks.

any recommendations?


These from IKEA but in a different colour. You can buy several and attach them to each other. You can adjust the shelves for different sized boxes, too.

Without a bespoke or proper searching I can’t go further than IKEA for the time being, but they also had this. I prefer not to go IKEA, personally, but they’re often handy.

those are close, but I feel like I will need three of these to have enough space in the long term. Plus I don’t feel like taking out the drill…

Roll A Joint

I got a Prepac Slim Barrister. It has adjustable shelves, and comes with the thing that you attach to the wall to hold it in place, but I’ve never used it. All I needed was a screwdriver and hammer.Here is a link to a picture of how it looks like: Prepac

Adree++ Or, stick them in a closet like the professionals do.

I’ve got all my movies in a couple of Ikea Billy bookshelves. My games are currently residing on a hideous DVD rack that I bought at Future Shop, which I will never be able to use for anything else.