DVD to Ipod video

Why should it take so long to convert DVD movies to ipod video format? With stuff I downloaded from the net (legal stuff), it takes about 30 minutes to convert an hour of video. With DVDs, its about 8 hours per hour. Should it be taking that long? FYI I rip with DVD decoder, and use Videora to convert. The hardware is AMD 64 x2 4400 with 2 gigs of ram and a 7200 SATA drive

Need clarification on the bitrate and format of the stuff you downloaded from the net. You’re seeing about a 16:1 ratio between DVD and downloaded stuff. Assuming it’s same format it seems possible it’s just a larger amount of data on the DVD

Example: 2 hour dvd - 5000 mb
2 hour divx’d movie - 300 Mb.

300 mb * 16 = 5000 mb. Sounds about right.