DVD Writer for Pentium 2 / 233

A colleague of mine wants to buy a DVD writer drive, but he only has a Pentium 2 / 233mhz. All the drives we’ve seen seem to require a P3 or 1ghz machine. Are these hard and fast requirements for some reason? Are there any DVD writers that will work with a low end (obsolescent) CPU?


I’m guessing a P2/233 can’t feed the drive data fast enough to insure a successful burn.

What the heck would he want with a DVD writer on a P2/233? You can’t edit video on a rig that slow, and copying a commercial DVD would take days. As for backup, I’d imagine his entire hard drive isn’t even 4.7GB…

Thanks Denny. I guessed as much, but I thought I’d ask anyway. As for why he wants it, I couldn’t tell you. He’s an insane bedroom (and professional) PL/SQL programmer, probably wants to back up his test databases.

He can probably get a used 4x or 8x cdrw to do that kinda stuff.