Dvds and cd cases: has anyone ever had them crack

supposedly dvds require an extra annoying dvd center holder instead of standard cd case center holder because the middle of the dvd will crack.

i call bullshit.

has using a cd case ever caused a crack in anyone’s dvd?

I’ve got one DVD with three cracks originating from the centre hole,
but I suspect it’s because I stepped on it. I have tons of movies and
game DVDs, and I’ve handled DVDs since 1998. I’ve never seen them
crack because I use a CD case (which I have hundreds of) instead of a
large, clunky DVD case.

I’ve started using paper pockets on my backups, though, because they
take up less space. Just have to be more careful where I walk :)

I was always under the assumption that the hole in the middle of DVDs and CDs were exactly the same. Also, DVDs seem rigid enough that the crappy plastic holder in most CD cases would probably break before the DVD did.

I was always under the impression that not just the hole in the middle but the entirety of the external form factor (English? I’ve heard of it) was the same.

Just an observation. A DVD is slightly heavier than a normal CD. Maybe during shipping they found that the DVD’s fall off and then bounce around inside the CD case getting scratched up, so they added the extra bit. Whatever the case, trying to get these things out is always an act of frustration as the DVD bends before it pops out of the holder.