DVG - Alexander the Great - News!

We are very pleased to announce the second game in our Field Commander series - Alexander the Great. You can see the box front, sample counters, and a map in the Alexander game section.

You take on the role of Alexander the Great in his world-conquering quest to extend the Macedonian empire and achieve personal glory.

When we started designing the game, our goal was to represent the battles of Alexander the Great, but the more we learned about him, the more we realized our opportunity to explore not only his battlefield exploits, but also the other aspects of his life. True, Alexander the Great was highly skilled in warfare, but he was also a skilled negotiator and at his core was the constant drive to connect with the gods. It was rumored that his father was Zeus, and he spent much of his life seeking the favor and advice of the Greek gods.

When playing the game, you are placed in Alexander’s footsteps when he comes of age in 338bc, just before the battle of Chaeronea. From that point on, you get to decide where to travel, when to battle, when to negotiate, and when to seek out divine prophesies to guide your actions.

You are supplied with soldiers and advisors to help you navigate the dangers of the battlefield and the negotiating table. These include Infantry, Archers, Phalanxes, Cavalry, Advisors, Scholars, Cortisones, and Spies. You will craftily combine these resources with your own plans to achieve victory, and glorification. And if you do well, you will be remembered as one of the greatest leaders ever to walk the earth.

The life of Alexander is divided into several campaigns, each spanning several years. During each campaign, you are given goals, but how you achieve those goals is up to you. Do you enter into battle? Or negotiate? How strong are you? How strong are they? What can you gain? These are all decisions you get to make, and must make well, if you are to live up to the immortal standards set before you.

The campaigns can either be played stand alone, or linked to play through his entire life. When played as one on-going life, the outcome of one campaign affects your starting situation in the next campaign.

How you proceed is up to you – The Entire World is Yours for the Taking!

Thank you,
-Dan Verssen

I’m assuming you mean “courtesans”. Unless you are giving the phalangites physiotherapy.


I thought it looked weird. So much for trusting my faithful spell checker.

No wonder Alexander was able to conquer the world if his phalangites were on steroids. :)

Looks interesting.

I’ll be posting some details on the temple and worship mechanics next.


Reported? Dan Verssen has Tom’s permission to post these news items. It’s gaming news, after all.

If this is gaming news then why isn’t it gaming news for others in the same situation?

I mean, if he’s got express permission from Tom that’s Tom’s privilege, of course–I didn’t know he did have Tom’s privilege–but what makes it different from anyone else who does the same thing and gets shouted down? This is an advertisement, plain and simple.

Besides, their games suck. You might as well have advertisements for Grimoire.


“their games suck”

Hmm… Do you have any specific games of ours you’d like to discuss, or specific examples of suckage, or is this just an overall comment concerning every rule section for all of our games?



I appreciate your willingness to defend yourself in a public forum, but you messed up the opening.

Please use “E5- Which game?!?!?!?!!?” to evoke a better response.


I am now committing myself to purchase everything that DVG releases, for all time.

Yeah, Dan! E5 only plays quality games made by developers who care, like…

Hellgate: London :(

I should have an Alexander update on the DVG site on Monday or Tuesday.

I’ve been working on the prophesy mechanics and they look good in theory. This weekend we’ll do some testing and see how they work in practice.