DVG - Dragons!

Dan Verssen Games (DVG) is pleased to announce the release of the “Down In Flames – Dragons!” card game.

Our new game takes the Down In Flames series to the whole new world of fantasy. The game is based on the award-winning Down In Flames action/reaction card play system.

Dragons features the outstanding 3D computer generated artwork of Chris Richardson. Chris and his team are also known for creating the artwork for the Flagship starship combat card game.

Each player gets to command a mighty dragon and perform a variety of maneuvers, turns, breath attacks, melee attacks, and magic attacks on the opposing dragon.

The game comes with three pre-built decks for the Fire, Ice, and Lightning dragons. Players can also construct their own decks from an assortment of 72 original card designs. The game features all the fun of CCGs without having to spend big bucks chasing down rare cards.

Included are dragon upgrade and skill cards to further enhance your might beasts!

Each battle can be played in less than 30 minutes. Playable by ages 7 and older.

Available in both PDF and Vassal formats through our website.

Play cards to move into position, let loose with a fierce breath attacks, and send the opposing dragon DOWN IN FLAMES!

Dan Verssen Games (DVG)


Dan, I’m glad to see you’re embracing the cards part of the design. One of my problems with the computer version of Down in Flames was that it seemed like it was trying to not be a card game anymore. This led to some of the elegance being lost and some annoying interface problems.

So it’s nice to click on the site for the Dragons version and see screenshots of cards stacked up next together and ‘tapped’. Good going!


EDIT: Doh! And I just now got the significance of “down in flames” as it applies to dragons.

Thank you!

I’m interested to see how much cross-over we get from the WWII crowd.

-Dan Verssen