DVG - Modern Naval Battles

I’m starting to build some hypothetical and historical scenarios for MNB-GW.

Here’s a link to the scenarios. I’ve just started, but it will grow in time, and I’m also hoping for players to send in their own scenarios for posting on the site once the game is produced…


You can also check out the game at…


If you have any questions about the game, please post them here.

Thank you,

I’ve added to the MNB-GW Scenario/AAR.

In working on the MNB-GW AAR, I was surprised at how well the system lends itself to building hypothetical and historical scenarios. The first AAR is a fictional 1980 WWIII battle between small Soviet and Norwegian fleets. Once the game is published, I hope you send in your own scenarios, and I will add them to the page.


I’ve added the Norwegian first turn to the MNB-GW AAR…


We’ve added a few new items to the site this week…

The final Rommel rules have been uploaded as well as the last turn of the sample game.

For MNB-GW, the sample game has a new turn, and a mock-up of the box front has been posted. We will be accepting pre-order names for the box once we get closer to sending it to the printer. At this point, we are only 50 pre-orders away from going into production. We have also uploaded the revised rules. The next step will be to start the initial rules layout and get it posted. As with the Rommel rules, we appreciate any feedback you might have. We think the Rommel rules were greatly aided by your participation.

Future Games
We are also gathering quote from printers for the next couple games. With luck, we’ll be able to announce them in a week or two.