DVI and my HDTV

This is completely unrelated to my other DVI thread.

Thanks to the extreme generosity of a good friend, I received a GeForce 7800 today, to replace my dual 6600s. Unfortunately, the card only has DVI outputs, while my HDTV has no DVI inputs.

My HDTV only has HDMI, VGA, composite or component (don’t remember which one, the one which allows for HD signal) inputs. I’d like to save the HDMI for something like a PS3 and I want to use the VGA input for my computer.

Would it be better to just go ahead and get a DVI -> HDMI cable and plan on purchasing a switcher when I need one, or is the picture quality of DVI -> VGA not as bad as I imagine it would be?

Also, does having an HDTV with a native resolution of 1366x768 going to cause a problem if my desktop is set to 1368x768 with DVI output? I’m hoping the answer is no, but I wanted someone more experience than myself to put in their 2 cents before I ordered any cables.

If you use DVI and your TV supports it, you can get 1:1 pixel mapping, which looks perfect. It you don’t, you won’t. VGA still looks pretty good, though.

It really depends on how crisp you want your picture to be. DVI-HDMI will get you easy 1:1 pixel mapping (which is ideal) on a 7800. If you are planning on using the TV like a monitor you’re going to definately want this.

If you primarily are going to use the TV to watch movies and video then you probably will hardly be able to notice a difference between DVI-HDMI and DVI-VGA.

You should be able to get a DVI-HDMI cable for under $10 at Monoprice. You might as well get one and judge for yourself.

How well does the 1:1 pixel mapping work if my desktop res is different than my native res? Does the extra pixel on each end just drop off or will it drop off the 2 rightmost pixels on the screen?

You will need to use powerstrip to match it pixel for pixel, but it’s worth it if you can get it to work. Some TVs have mandatory overscan that makes it nearly impossible.

I think mine has mandatory overscan, since now I can only see what’s in the middle of my screen. It’s like I’m zoomed in.

My TV also doesn’t report what resolution it’s currently in, unlike when I was using a VGA cable. Amazingly, now I can switch to 1920x1080 res and my wallpaper looks amazing. Would be nice if I could see my taskbar or the start menu, but I can’t. I can’t even exit out of programs that are fullscreen (such as firefox) since the ‘x’ is out of view. Alt-F4 for me right now.

Fuck, I should’ve went with DVI-VGA.

Use powerstrip to try to tweak this. Here’s a guide I found in 2 seconds of googling.

Yeah I found the same guide. Would be nice if I could see the rest of my screen so I could actually use powerstrip (it’s in my taskbar tray, which I can’t see).

Thanks for trying to help, though.

EDIT: Finally got it to work and wow, it’s a pain in the ass. Did not use powerstrip, but used nvidia’s nview, and yes now I can see my entire desktop, but it’s at 1176x664 resolution to take care of the overscan issue. And it looks like ass. From what I’ve been able to find out DVI->HDMI is not a viable path for PC use with HDTVs especially when it comes to games.

Doing a search for: dvi overscan pc nvidia will show you what I’ve found.