DVI on a Geforce 4400 Question

This may be a stupid question, but I for the life of me can’t find an answer.

My VisionTek GeForce 4400 (a trusty workhorse of a graphics card for a year and a half) has both DVI and VGA output. I have a monitor attached to the DVI output. However, the DVI output isn’t enabled by default – it doesn’t actually come on until the Nvidia driver kicks in in Windows, and tells the software to use the DVI monitor as the primary display. This means, among other things, that I need to connect a VGA monitor whenever I want to tweak the BIOS, or after I upgrade my drivers (since the NVidia drivers inevitable disable DVI output whenever I upgrade them).

Does anyone know how to force the DVI output to be the primary output throughout the boot process and in Windows? I’d assume it’s a setting on the card, but haven’t found any way to activate it (through some funk graphics card BIOS or anything).