OK, my HDDVR cable box is screwy with the component cables. I think there is interference, so I’m thinking about switching to HDMI. First, might that work? Second, the cable box has a DVI but no HDMI. I’ll have to get a converter, if I understand correctly. Does that make a big difference? Will I still notice an improvement over component?

DVI and HDMI are both digital, so theoretically you should end up with a perfect signal. So you’d notice an improvement unless the interference issue was something with your TV or cable box itself.

You also don’t need a converter, Robert - you can just get a cable with DVI on one end and HDMI on the other. Keep in mind that the audio from your cable box will have to go out separately to your TV or receiver, depending on what you’re using.

Thanks. I ordered a cable of the sort you suggested, kevin, from monoprice. I have HDMI audio receivers on my LCD. Are those special in some way? Do I need a separate cable for them, or can I just use standard stereo cables?

HDMI is basically a DVI signal plus 5.1 audio information. So if your cable box has a DVI output, you plug the DVI end into the cable box and the HDMI end into your television. That takes care of the video signal, but not the audio.

There should also be some audio outs on the box - either good ol’ fashioned red / white RCA type left-right stereo outputs, or a single yellow digital output. You can run a standard RCA cable from the digital output to either a similar digital input on your TV or through your receiver.

Do you have a receiver, or are you listening to the audio out of the LCD TV speakers?

I’m just using the LCD speakers. They’re fine, actually. I was more curious about why the LCD would even have a separate audio in for HDMI…it’s even labeled as such. Is that just so I won’t use the composite inputs or something?

That’s fairly odd. What model LCD did you buy?

I have this set:


I guess they did that so you’d be able to run the audio in from a separate source just in case. Which is a good thing.