Dvorak: Stop podcasting! And get the hell off of my lawn!

Podcasting is dead! Probably! And if it does happen, it’s Mac’s fault!

I agree that the iPod is an overpriced, overhyped toy. I love mine, don’t get me wrong, but given the chance right now i’d go for one of the less expensive other brand high quality MP3 players.

my wife got an iPod, and together with the iTMS, it’s a killer app.

i don’t know of any similar product suites out there, can anyone point me to a cheaper/better alternative?

If you’re a nerd, check out the Archos Gmini 400. Otherwise, stick with Apple.

That’s the short, sweet answer.

It will never actually work, because apparently, its the brainchild of former MTV VJ Adam Curry. No kidding!

I like the sound of it, really. There’s some potential there if someone wants to sink money into a music service that will push subscriber-based content (music, for instance). I don’t know if its even really necessary to build a service around this tool, but include it as a delivery method to a larger subscription-based service.

But it’ll take years because nobody knows about it, and who knows how common the problems Dvorak is crying about are.

That black Apple U2 Special Edition iPod is pretty hot.

I’m not sure if I love or hate it yet - that red wheel is pretty radical. Details and images can be seen here.

Euri: Do any of your alternative players have as nice a UI as the iPod? That’s really the beauty of the device to me, the super-simple, one-handed operation.


Maybe the Creative Zen Micro. Maybe.

Basically, though, no.

I have a first generation Dell DJ. It looks like it was designed by Soviet Bloc cubists, but the sound quality is superb and it has the exact same damn interface as the IPod, for about 150 bucks less. These new models are coming out soon and they seem to have finally fit the DJ down into the form-factor of an IPod. They’re a little heavier, the same dimensions and (still) 150 bucks cheaper, but compared to the old modl, they are absolutely beautiful looking. I’d recommend one of these babies in a heartbeat.

Is the scroll-wheel on the back?

I picked up the Dell DJ also, and love it. It’s cheaper, it feels…sturdier, and the sound quality is great.

Is the scroll-wheel on the back?[/quote]

Oh, I didn’t realize that little ridged barrel unfolded out into a scroll wheel. That’s a pretty cool design.

It doesn’t unfold out into one - it is a scroll wheel. It’s sort of hard to see. Basically, you scroll through the menu system and click when you want to select something. The volume buttons are on the right side, the top has the player lock toggle, and those two small buttons on the front are a back button and a menu button, respectively. The only thing inferior about the original DJ was the size and design over the iPod, which it looks like this revision has taken care of. I’d totally recommend one - it can also be used as a USB hard drive.

I’ve got a lovely Diva Gem, which has bluetooth support and can act as a headset for my phone.

I think that he is facetiously trying to say that it’s not as cool as the iPod’s touch-wheel. Which is true, though having tried both, I’d say that it is functionally identical.

Well, if a touch wheel is worth an extra 150 bucks to you for something that is functionally identical, then go for it!

Yeah, I’m sorry. I was hoping I was being a big enough ass that you’d realize that I wasn’t serious.

I think the DJ is fine, and it’s certainly cheaper, but the iPod interface is a lot more than just a fancy scroll wheel. $150 better? Dunno. It is for me, but I’m a snob.

Also, to me, part of the brilliance of the iPod is using iTunes to manage your library. If you don’t like iTunes, the iPod has even less value.

I don’t even know who Dvorak is except for a keyboard and a Czech kid back home in Poland I fought with every week, but I don’t like either and everything I’ve seen of this one on this forum makes me dislike him.

How can anyone doubt the wisdom of John C. Dvorak? I guess you’ll also reject his sage advice to ban cookies since, you know, they’re actually spyware! :shock:

I think the DJ is fine, and it’s certainly cheaper, but the iPod interface is a lot more than just a fancy scroll wheel.

Really? How? I’m serious - I’ve used an iPod a couple times and aside from the scroll wheel I don’t really see much that is different between interfaces. In fact, I seem to recall that they have the exact same menu system. And while I agree iTunes is better than Musicmatch, I wouldn’t use either since I can get much better functionalitywith third party apps. So ultimately, it comes down to sound quality, price, size and aesthetics. In my opinion, the iPod only has the DJ beat on the last two, and with the new DJs that lead becomes pretty damn slim.