Dvorak: Stop podcasting! And get the hell off of my lawn!

All “John Dvorak is an idiot” posts should go in the hardware forums.

iTunes, dude. my wife buys songs with a single click. any song or playlist in her desktop library is automatically synched with the ipod when she plugs it in. there’s nothing to it.

I can’t stand iTunes. I really really hate it. To be honest, most of the reason is that it it nuked every song on my iPod when I plugged it into a second computer. It gave me some kind of Orwellian doublespeak warning about whether or not I didn’t want to not move the library from that computer to the other computer, then fricking wiped out everything.

If you partialled out that experience, I’d only dislike iTunes because it’s slow, clunky, bloated, and ignores way too many Windows UI conventions. If Audible.com didn’t require it, I’d never use it.

The way it cuts the numbers off the front of filenames, so they don’t sort by number, but by alphabetical song title REALLY gets to me.