Dwarf Fortress: Very Ambitious Roguelike

in Fort mode, people out in the world can plot to heist your artifacts. And this is a multi-stage process where they literally have to send themselves or an agent to your fortress, turn one of your dwarves using like John le Carré spy techniques. There’s a thing called MICE (money ideology, compromise, and ego), counterintelligence stuff. [They use that] to flip a dwarf. And then the dwarf would go off and steal the artifact.

Wait–what? That’s incredible.

evil genius but with traps that work

How else does one deal with visiting elves?

I honestly don’t remember the pain of learning the interface, except for > and < (I think) to go up and down Z-levels once they debuted. I internalized it deeply enough that the two times I went back to DF after years-long breaks I only had to re-learn a command or two.

What I mean by “Is it still DF” is more or less “Does the awesome power of random generation implemented by two weirdos still cause totally insane shit to happen”?

Ah, then, yes, it absolutely is. It is the exact same game (engine) with a better interface on top.

Yes, the rat bastards get them to steal artifacts.

Oh, that could have been a problem. Alcohol is a cooking ingredient by default. I was wondering why I kept running out of alcohol.

Yeah, that’s one thing I really wished they changed the default on. Any time you get a new type of alcohol, you’ve got to go to the kitchen menu and tell them not to cook with it. And that’s supposing you even knew about the kitchen menu in the first place!

19th Granite, 103. Early Spring

We admit the goblin. May the monsters of the deep know fear!

We also assign steel battle axes to our squad. They’ve had enough training–no more of this ridiculous wooden nonsense.

The year 103 has begun. Our military takes some well earned R&R, leaving their equipment neatly lined up in the barracks (along with their food?):

We elect a mayor:

…who is currently sleeping in the stockroom. We’ll need to make sure we’ve got enough bedrooms, as well as appropriate mayoral offices.

I don’t know if you remember when we were suffering gravely under the assault of the Giant Bluejays, I pointed out a child who’d been orphaned and lost a sibling. Well, we finally located their mother’s body, in a pond. We’ve drained the pond and recovered the body for burial.

Perhaps we can finally begin to put the terror behind us.

The farms are established:

There is one plot for each of the underground crops. The area below the wooden fence (well, wall) is the animal pasture. The levers up top are to control the flooding. We are also carving out another room for an animal pasture below; we’ll need to flood it and let the floor fungus take root. (I hope you can do this…)

The first mayoral mandate has come in:

A single crossbow. Well, we can do that.

A new kind of tragedy has struck:

They were taken by a mood, and claimed a workshop… and then we forgot about them. I guess they were unable to find what they needed. We’ll see what happens here…

It feels like things are going well in Listenwound. Winter is over, our stocks of food and drink are high, we feel secure in our defenses. The underground farm is nearing completion. Elves have arrived and we will soon browse their wares. Perhaps our troubles are behind us.

Oh my.

Every dwarf does no matter the age.

I shoulda took a screenshot but I LOLed the other day when inspecting a new migrant peasant.

Sometimes a peasant will have a decent skill or two; like with weapons or social skills. However this peasant, over 120 years old, had nothing. Not even “novice” in anything. Nothing at all.

On the Overview tab, there’s always a quote to sort of encapsulate the particular dwarf’s ethos. His stressed the value of hard work.

Yeah, that sentence has always been there, I believe going all the way back to the single-level version. Dwarfs will slow and even stop their work without alcohol.

They only drink water if sick or if out of alcohol

Shows how observant I am! I never noticed they all had.

Also, I only just realized having a chief medical dorf was not sufficient, and I need to manually assign a bunch of to specific roles in a hospital. Explains why that one dude has been laid up for five years…

Question I’m hacing trouble finding an answer to - say in my fortress there is the Cult of Poprocks, and they worship Bob, God of Party Favours. If I build a temple to Bob, will the members of Poprocks use it to worship Bob or do I have to build a temple specifically dedicated to the Poprocks?

You can build a generic temple that everyone will use. You can build temples for the largest groups. When you build a temple you can see how many followers for each deity. I would suggest naming the temple after the deity so you don’t build a dupe if you build more.

I can’t believe this didn’t occur to me. I have so far just built a small temple for everything and everyone that my dwarfs worship, but I think this could probably get out of hand and also a small 3x3 temple is probably not going to be able to grow in terms of opulence which I think may be a required thing later on.

My curiosity was more for this: the Poprocks petition for a temple, but there’s like 10 members. Bob has like 100 followers. Would Temple of Bob make the Poprocks happy? (Since I didn’t know, I built a Temple of Poprocks, satisfying the petition, and then converted it to a plain Temple of Bob.)

I believe the answer is no, you need to build the cult temple specifically, like you did. But I could be wrong.