Dwarf Fortress: Very Ambitious Roguelike


As a History major I just love it.


Of the overhaul-style mods, I think masterwork is considered to be one of the larger (and better?) ones out there. [snark] How can you tell the bugs are from masterwork and not DF? [/snark] :)


You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed it.

I’m looking at another civilisation right now - a Goblin civ called “The Wayward Star Thief” that looks interesting.

Between the years 310 and 854 The Star Thieves had 539 different leaders, the great majority of whom were removed from their position in unfortunate and terminal circumstances. During that time the longest serving leader was a goblin called Arstruk Callsteals who was leader from 854 to 856, despite being dead for two of those years.

Arstruk’s corpse was succeeded by Stozu Malignedclasped who did well in her reign for 49 years - the longest reign for a single leader since the year 288 - right up until the point where she was accused of 1,119 unsolved murders.

Shortly after she was revealed to be a vampire, which meant that she only clung on to her role as leader of the Star Thieves for another five years.

Then Stozu moved to a group of outcasts called “The Creamy League”… and killed all of them. I love that there are “163 unsolved murders” listed there. When there’s only one person left and 163 corpses, I think we can move beyond “unsolved.”


When the only thing a people can agree on is the dead guy you’ve got serious problems! I can’t wait to read the annals of Wayward Star Thief.

Then Stozu moved to a group of outcasts called “The Creamy League”… and killed all of them. I love that there are “163 unsolved murders” listed there. When there’s only one person left and 163 corpses, I think we can move beyond “unsolved.”

In the immortal words of Marion Barry - bitch set me up.


If you don’t like goblin government, go live with the elves!


There is an hour long interview with Tarn Adams, creator of DF, on this week’s Roguelike Radio.


I can never get too much Tarn.


Hearing Tarn talk about… well, about everything he talked about in the that podcast makes me feel like that NYT profile on him really gave the wrong impression. At least, it did to me. I guess I should have known that a professor of mathematics couldn’t be totally maladjusted, but I still thought he must be a bit whacked. I guess I’m a terrible person for jumping to conclusions, but I’m glad to know now that Tarn is a very articulate and wise dude who definitely knows what he’s doing–which I’m sure most of you fans already knew.


That was the most surprising part for me. He sounded like a mostly normal nerd. After all the articles on Tarn I suspected to hear some weird mix of Comic Book Guy and the kid from mask.


That said, if you listen to DF Talk, there is a bit more awkward. Still, he did create DF!


The latest succession game has gotten me into DF and its been awhile. So I’ve encountered a weird little problem and I’m not sure whats up, its not a new feature. I made a temporary hole in the wall to survive in while I excavated a more permanent structure. So I got that done and I set up new stockpiles, I know how to make stockpiles that’s nothing new. I erased my old stockpiles and thought they’d move my stuff, my wood, my favourite rocks, etc to the new stockpiles buuuut that hasn’t happened. Instead some of it got moved and the rest is sitting there. I have dedicated haulers but they aint touching it. 9-10 haulers doing nothing while one guy uses a wheelbarrow to transport the old material. I have 8 wheelbarrows sitting there doing nothing but no one else will move anything…



How many wheelbarrows assigned to the stockpile? If you assign wheelbarrows only wheelbarrows will be used and only the up to 3 you assign.

Generally don’t use wheelbarrows unless its a low priority stockpile like stone.


Ahhh I see what happened, it defaulted to only allowing 1 wheelbarrow.

Fixed, thanks!


So, which player(s) have been judged “most successful” at this game, and by what criteria would you judge them? (Having never played the game I have no idea.)


My latest fort: http://mkv25.net/dfma/map-11925-growldagger

Check the points of interest listed on the left. You can also go back to earlier maps in the series to see the progression of the fort.



Wow, nearly a year to the day thread bump. DF needs a new release or something to rekindle interest.


They’re still doing just fine, but as a mater of fact they are gearing up for a new version in a few more months most likely.


I kept holding off on starting a new fort, wanting a new release. I finally hit the point where I said screw it and made one. I’m still having as much fun as ever :)

I’ve basically accepted that Toady has some insane 30 year plan for developing the game at this point. I play it as it is when the urge strikes me, and marvel at the crazy stuff that gets added whenever there’s an update.


The new version is going to have real trees. Trees that can be felled at people as a weapon. Trees with crowns. I’m totally making a tree-based Dwarven civ, if only to mock the pointy ears.

Alternatively, I’ll grow giant Elven trees either side of my trade depot, then set fire to them when the caravans appear, as a beacon for the Elves to follow. You know, being nice.


In the last year, Dwarf Fortress was included in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. It’s a great achievement, but this author explains why he was disappointed with the simplistic presentation.