Dwarf Fortress: Very Ambitious Roguelike


Oh man, that’s amazing. You should post that in the Stellaris thread!



If you would like to kill 13 hours, Kruggsmash’s epic series “Monsterkiller” just wrapped up. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Dwarf Fortress, colony management games, procedural generation, or storytelling in gaming:

It is truly a next level effort, and a fine story.


Thanks for linking this. The story includes drawings based on the descriptions generated by the game. Pretty great! Helps to skip to the action at around the 7 minute mark.


These videos have totally sucked me in. This guy has his method down for documenting these. His narration and his artwork are really engaging.


I’ve long harbored a dream of doing a Dwarf Fortress let’s play. Every time I work up the nerve and have enough free time, though, something like this comes along and outshines anything I could manage. It’s okay, though, because it means more people get to enjoy Dwarf Fortress. This is a delightful series!


I think your niche could be happy trees, rossbob.


I’d be interested in that!


Like @Nightgaunt, I’ve been enthralled by this. Watching the little dwarves running around also makes me want to get it running again — but I’m not sure I’m emotionally ready for such a trial now!


I think I can work with that!


These Kruggsmash videos are way better than I was expecting. I don’t watch many Let’s Plays, except to either see a demo or as a tutorial. These are neither. Amazing editing so that you can follow what’s going on (okay, if you know the basics of DF already), but edited to clean out all the ‘boring to watch’ bits. You won’t learn to play from these, but I could see these being of interest even to folks that don’t normally give a hoot about DF.

I’ve only ever ‘subscribed’ to Katherine of Sky on YouTube. Kruggsmash will be my second.


Man who makes game in notepad gives presentation in Microsoft Paint.


That man’s talks always feel like drips of intelligence going down my throat. Err…


Dwarf Fortress is coming to Steam and Itch.io in a new premium package that mainly involves a graphical upgrade and things like music and better mods/patch support.

The free version will still be available and will be updated in-line with the premium version, it’s just that personal circumstances have pretty much forced them to try and open the game up to new audiences and seek a non-Patreon revenue stream.




Did I sleep for two weeks and it’s April 1st??


Sad to hear about the health issues, but genuinely excited for a new version of the game. I gave a bunch of money via the paypal years ago when I was playing more, but hopefully with the success of Rimworld, the big daddy of colony sims will be getting a release that is more accessible.

Glad to hear they will keep the free version updated as well.

I don’t mind the ASCII graphics that much, and there are really easy to install mods to add in enough graphics to make it simpler to parse, but the UI is very old and clunky, and while I have hundreds of hours of experience, so it seems usable to me, it is definitely not easy to use.

This is one of my favorite games of all time, and I am glad we will see something new with it.


This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for, I’ve always wanted to dive into this but it’s super intimidating and while I like games such as Brogue I just have a hard time parsing the default look and making mods “work” properly, and I would always lose interest before I even launched the damned thing.

I just want a version that looks cool and works great out of the box without any tweaking. And I’m happy to support these guys, the work I’ve read about this game is and does is freaking mind blowing. I’m in.


The base game with the LNP works perfectly from launch with no real tweaking. This is my favorite game ever, and I’m severely disappointed it’s coming to Steam.


Wait, what? Why?