Dwarf Fortress: Very Ambitious Roguelike


They’ve done it all these years without Valve. I don’t perceive Valve to be the source of good to the universe that others do.


What does Valve have to do with this? They’re selling it on Itch.io too, aren’t they? I feel like I just took crazy pills. No, wait. I feel like you just took crazy pills.


I don’t particularly want to argue, so let me just state my opinion on the matter - it doesn’t seem like they want to do this, and have avoided it for years. This seems forced because of medical reasons.


It sounds like that’s because of Patreon.

Which to me means it’s good they have other store fronts and a business model they can pursue and I for one am happy to support them by picking up a copy on Steam.

And let’s not down play the idea they can get a bigger audience for the game as well. I think more of the awesome/free game makers (like Brogue) should have a version that can be bought on Steam/Itch.io/EPIC/etc. myself, more places for it to be seen and picked up, and more ways to support outside of Patreon.



I want them to do well. I love that game. It’s just disheartening to me because they seemed to not want to for so long.


I have nothing to chime in regarding Steam, but I’ve been sad for years that something this beautiful has not had a real UI and graphics package.

I’ve never understood why something looking like ass is so cherished by some people. (I mean that sincerely.) Graphics don’t have to be amazing, but something that does not actively turn off players because everything looks inscrutable is a reasonable thing.

It’s worse when it is a game I would otherwise care about. No one cares if a sloppy, bad game has bad graphics. It’s when there’s something beautiful there, that’s made inaccessible to a large number of people, that bothers me a bit.


I learned DF because I couldn’t understand the appeal, then I got hooked. I think the graphic tile sets are pretty good for the most part and it’s just the UI that takes time.


I played with ASCII for a while, then swapped entirely to tilesets. I know some people still like to hang with the symbols, but I like the little pictures.

The inconsistent UI has always been the issue between a friend seeing my quantum cat room and then being able to build their own.


I played ASCII back in the day, the first version I played was when there was always a mountain edge to the right of the open space, and then as you dug in it went River(?) -> Chasm -> Lava (?) or something. Clearly I don’t remember perfectly. It was all 2D of course.

Eventually the tilesets came along and got good looking and the LNP became so easy and nice, and I’m all aboard that train now.


In 100%. Thrilled it will be on steam with updated graphics.

Its sad that health issues had to force this release. I never understood why they didnt do this earlier.


Kitfox Games (Boyfriend Dungeon, Shrouded Isle) appear to be doing the updating. What a job! I think they’ll be respectful of what makes the game special.

I also feel a bit sad that the game can’t carry on in its unrelentingly sui generis manner, particularly that it’s medical issues that have forced the change.


Will this have mouse support?


This is pretty exciting. I’ll pay for it. My sister spoke about this for a few years and seemed to like it until a child kind of sucked her time away for something like this.


They’ve have talked about the new graphics, but not about any UI changes, so I’m assuming they’re sticking with the inscrutable keyboard-based menus?


I was a little sad to see this because community folks have put so much time and effort into tilesets and such. Then I read further and found some of those same people are the ones doing tilesets. Sadness abated. Hopefully they can kick some love to the Therapist and DFHack folks too. Or at the very least make it easier for them to do what they do.


Therapist and Hack are both so great I’d imagine they’d have to be involved.


Maybe they can get Epic to do an exclusive deal, and then everyone can go apeshit one more time. Bummer about their family. I’ll definitely buy a copy.


PC Gamer has a bit with Tarn Adams that mentions UI


This will be the game changer for me. Give me a somewhat functional UI and I’ll be all over this.


It’s a mixed bag, this announcement. The tilesets made the game more than playable for the ASCII adverse, and the keyboard commands flowed easily once you learned how to use them (the learning curve really isn’t that steep, beginners guides have existed almost as long as the game itself).

This is probably the greatest game ever made. One of my most prized possessions is my crayon drawing from the Adams’ brothers.

Sucks that they were forced to do this, but i’ll happily buy a copy on steam for everyone I know.