Dwight Howard is actually from the planet Krypton

No, seriously.

If you saw the dunk contest you know what I mean.

He did stuff no one else can do, certainly not at that size.

The man is a freak of nature.

That is all.

He IS superman


Jamario Moon was robbed.

Also, on that dunk Howard had to throw the ball in the net. He didn’t even touch the rim on that dunk.

Was still pretty cool.

Meh, just saw the video, the cupcake was more impressive. he took off from the free throw line, but probably didn’t come within 2 feet of the rim.


It wasn’t just about the cape. All but the last dunk that Howard did were absolutely the class of the night and even that last one was amazing when you consider the hang time he needed to pull it off. The first one Howard did from behind the backboard was just ridiculously difficult.

Moon didn’t do squat. I think you mean Gerald Green. His best were the candle and the sock-footed dunk, but he was no Dwight Howard.

Also, there were some superb dunks and fantastic plays in the All-Star game tonight. LeBron’s game sealing dunk was phenomenal and Stoudamire dunking on Dwight Howard was just plain awesome.

And shit… if you want to give him grief for not touching the rim on the Superman dunk, consider that he was high enough in the air to fucking throw the ball down through the hoop. Insanity.

No, trust me Dave, I didn’t confuse Green with Moon. Moon’s first dunk got completely, completely looked over because it was the first dunk and people werent’ really ready for it. I knew Howard was probably going to go to the dunk finals, if only because of how he was screwed last year. But giving Moon 46 on his first dunk (which is crazy) set him up to lose, by 1 point, to Green who did a completely boring and bland second dunk (his first dunk with the candle was good).

Anyway, I’m just disappointed I didn’t get to see some more Moon dunks because you know that guy had some crazy tricks up his sleeve.

moon’s first dunk was better when fred jones did it better a few years ago, and his second dunk would’ve only been good if he had jumped form beyond the free throw line. I think he’s capable of it, but the timing is too difficult.

I don’t really see how he could’ve gotten in the finals over green or howard.

Oh, also, did I mention that I’m a huge Raptors fan?

There are such creatures still in existence?

— Alan

shoot, you should’ve seen me during the rooking/sophomore game. I was screaming the whole time that if stuckey and afflalo played it would’ve been a blowout for the rookies