Dying Light 2 - Zombies, parkour, and decisions

Setting reminds me of Dishonored 2’s Karnaca a bit.

This looks so cool , talk about a changing world! Player choices result in a world with 3 different visual results.

I’m pretty sure my world will always end up like the bottom image.

It is pretty damn cool that we’ve progressed to the point where the actual game world can change its look, as opposed to just a static artist image in an ending cutscene showing different worlds in static images.

Even more so when you realize the map for Dying Light 2, will be 4x the size of all map content from Dying Light 1.

Will those outcomes be different, or different flavours of grimdark?

Really looking forward to this, but wondering if there will be any middle path as the two options at the moment seem to map to Order & Chaos and too much of either is always a bad thing.

This will have to be a revolution from Dying Light 1. I played 1 recently, and sections of the game just had me in seething rage. Like the not one but two sections where they take away your weapons. That one bullet hell segment where you get through just by sheer luck. One section that is slightly bugged where you can’t pick up weapons on the floor and you fight a guy with a machete with your fists (when you fail, you do it again, this time plus five goons.). And the final QTE.


Any goodwill it built during the game is complete drained by those sections. 2 needs to be a revolution compared with 1 before I pick in up.


Dying Light did two things that aren’t automatically easy to pull off in 1st person - the parkour and the melee. I half think if they’d just put more guns in they’d be the company to beat.

Dying Light has gotta be my favorite zombie game, well other than The Last of Us.

Haven’t there been enough zombie games?

It sounded like the sequel had more emphasis on human factions. The volatiles were pretty cool in the first game though :)

Ugh spring 2020. The field of games is getting crowded.

I have loved Techlands Zombie games, but I personally hate having to play through multiple times to see everything. Especially if it’s half the content! I NEVER feel like playing a game again once I have reached the ending. (unless it’s a rougelike, where that is kind of the point)

Well, I hope that the 50% I will see is worth it. I don’t mind the idea of having a unique story at all.

Yep. The secret is to stop and get distracted by other things before you get to the end. That worked for me in Fallout 2 multiple times, and Planescape Torment and several other games. You come back to the game that you never finished years later, you’ve forgotten where you were so you start over, and this time you remember making choices one way, so you try something different this time, and you get to see other choices this time.

But yeah, once I’ve finished it, I’ve never been back in any of those games. The one time I actually did finish Fallout 2, I haven’t been back since.

Now that I actually read the article, I’m not sure where the writer gets the 50% number from. He has no specifics, and just a few examples. Could very well be a click bait headline.