Dying Light 2 - Zombies, parkour, and decisions

It sounded like the sequel had more emphasis on human factions. The volatiles were pretty cool in the first game though :)

Ugh spring 2020. The field of games is getting crowded.

I have loved Techlands Zombie games, but I personally hate having to play through multiple times to see everything. Especially if it’s half the content! I NEVER feel like playing a game again once I have reached the ending. (unless it’s a rougelike, where that is kind of the point)

Well, I hope that the 50% I will see is worth it. I don’t mind the idea of having a unique story at all.

Yep. The secret is to stop and get distracted by other things before you get to the end. That worked for me in Fallout 2 multiple times, and Planescape Torment and several other games. You come back to the game that you never finished years later, you’ve forgotten where you were so you start over, and this time you remember making choices one way, so you try something different this time, and you get to see other choices this time.

But yeah, once I’ve finished it, I’ve never been back in any of those games. The one time I actually did finish Fallout 2, I haven’t been back since.

Now that I actually read the article, I’m not sure where the writer gets the 50% number from. He has no specifics, and just a few examples. Could very well be a click bait headline.

1 day until they show some extended gameplay.


I loved everything about the first dying light except the ending of the DLC. So looking forward to this, but Spring 2020 is soooo far away.

It’s looking very good. You can see the jump in quality in atmosphere, writing and detail.

Yes sir, I wants it now.

Nice! 2nd favorite zombie game I’ve played.

It looks super good, but man does it annoy me that they’ve apparently cleared a building, then left another one next to it all zombie-infested, then another cleared the next building and have workers doing stuff, then another zombiefied building, etc. It’s the worst clearance and reclamation plan ever.

Pre-ordering. Can’t wait.

Is the number one Walking Dead Episode 1?

I guess I should give Dying Light a try one of these days. I wish it would show up on GamePass. I keep thinking I’ll dislike it because it’s by the developers of Dead Island.

It goes on sale often. If you get motion sickness let me know, it’s the only game that ever gave it to me, but I found out how to fix it.

Oooh, I forgot about that one. My favorite is The Last of Us. If I only considered characters and story though Lee and Clementine would be right at the top too. The Last of Us wins as a total game though. I actually liked scrounging for loot in TLoU - in most games I don’t. TWD had a bigger impact on me emotionally for sure. Man I loved that game.

Dying Light was just a ton of fun from a gameplay perspective. The writing was good in a campy way, but the highlight was the gameplay and the world to explore.

Oh, good call with The Last of Us. That’s one of my favorite games as well. Though I guess I don’t consider that a zombie game for some reason. I think it’s a fungus, which puts in a different category than most zombie games, which usually involve a virus of some kind. But functionally speaking it’s the same thing.

Oh dude. It’s on sale right now.

Pssst, that’s still pretty expensive. It was on sale for $15 right before the DLC “The Following” came out, and I think that was 6 months after release. In subsequent years it’s gone from $15 to $13.59?