Dying Light has a baby-safe mode for all you babies

Title Dying Light has a baby-safe mode for all you babies
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When February 21, 2020

Dying Light is celebrating its fifth year of existence. There will be in-game events, gifts, and lots of zombie killing until March 19th..

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I loved this game - But the moment it got dark, I quit - wayyyy to scary for me.

We’re doing co-op, and I’ve got over 30 hours in the game, and we’re around 50% through the actual story.

We rarely go out at night. Even with decent skills and solid weapons, we feel neither ready nor able to handle it.

Just get to a safehouse before dark and “sleep” through the night.

Hmm, thats not a bad idea - but doesn’t the advancing of the story require you do something specific one night? I seem to remember thats what stopped me a few times.

oh, and I am glad to know I am not the only one finding it too scary!

Night wasn’t scary anymore once you came across UV flares.

I should find time to go back and do the remainder of the quarantine zones, I heard they were really challenging and fun.

So far only side missions have asked us to do things specifically at night. We’ve not yet done those.

The Dying Light devs are unique in that they are the only developer to be able to show me that I can suffer from motion sickness. I’d never once been motion sick before in my life before Dead Island and I played on too long, not realizing what was happening. That really sucked. I picked up Dying Light later but it still had the same effect. I couldn’t figure out what was triggering it, but I sat there staring at my screen when I was standing on top of a fence. I noticed that there was a slow and subtle but constant tilt from left to right. I think it’s stuff like that that triggers it for me.

Pretty crazy, in all the years before and all the years after, I’ve never become motion sick from another game.

To be honest, it was the only game to ever give me motion sickness. Then I basically followed the instructions in this post.

Now there are no problems.

I was initially terrified of going out at night until I realized the spooky night hunters are pretty easy to avoid and it’s actually arguably safer unless you get one of them after you. And you get tons of exp.

Yes but the night zombies are so damn scary and its night and you cant see them and their little vision cones comes closer and closer and SUDDENLY IT SCREAMS AND I AM SCREAMING AND I CRY A LITTLE BIT AND THEN I hit the power button on the Xbox…!

The best thing to do at night is grind XP. I leveled up twice in agility running through a pipe at night